41 weeks!

New friends and old
It's been a week of play. Zodd met his friend Oskar (a labrador/golden retriver cross) on the fields of Stiby. Wow, they had so much fun, and for once the camera witnessed it all. Actually they haven't met since Zodd was no more than a puppy, but despite that they played as if they meet every day. It's the best thing to watch two males act so friendly. Let's hope Zodd doesn't meets any angry/vicious dogs for a long time and that he keeps his attitude that all dogs are worthy of his undivided love and affection (and brutal games).
He also got to know the cute Leonberger girl Pepsi. They both played the same rough game and enjoyed eachothers company so much that it was close to impossible to seperate them ;)
And Zodd still visit his Kavkazskaja Ovtjarkas almost every week. They are such stunning dogs and even if they aren't free to play (since the Kavkazskaja Ovtjarkas lives/workes at a minkfarm) they have alot of fun chasing eachother on opposite sides of the fence.
The Tibetan Mastiff and the Kavkazskaja Ovtjarka are very similar in type.