42 weeks!

Sticks and stones
The forest and the beach are magical places where a Tibetan Mastiff named Zodd roams around without a leash and sample foul water and sticky, smelly, disgusting things that no one should ever put in their mouth!
This is his very own vision of paradise. Too bad paradise has its consequence!
During one of our walks in the woods Zodd took it upon himself to check out a hole of stagnant water. Or check out is perhaps an understatement... He wanted to do ALOT more than look at it. He walked into it, tasted in and then he even managed to get stuck in it. With a little help he got out ok but the smell that followed... OH MY!!
The good thing was that we found a tub of water (drinkingtub for cows) and, with patient and a leftover plastic container, washed the worst of the filth and stench out of his fur. The bad thing was we had gone to that place by car and we had to put that smelly "little" TM in the car and drive home while the goo sipped into the cloth...Well people, dogs are so WONDERFUL, are they not?
When we got home Zodd was pulled/pushed into the bathroom and got his second shower since he moved to Sweden.
He behaved so well and smelled a bit better afterwards.
But something tells me he'll visit more of these hidden, evil puddles in the future...