50 weeks!

Close to home
Zodd discovered the art of howling. This occured when his Sanna left the house to go over to some friends. He was left behind, but NOT home alone, still he called for his friend and sat waiting for her to return.
He is very attached to his family and loved ones. He wants them close and if he had pockets he would probably put them there ;)

A trip to the big city, to get some of that Christmas shopping out of the way, took place this week. Zodd came along and behaved perfectly.
It's amazing how much attention he draws to himself just by walking down the street or sitting by a parkbench.
It seems like everyone has comments and big smiles to share when they see him.
Zodd on the other hand is pretty unimpressed by how impressed everyone is. He looks at them and almost rolls his eyes, as if he's saying "Oh my, you really should get out more. We DO exist... I am NOT a hallucination... Now please carry on, there's nothing more to see here. Thanks."