51 weeks!

Christmas boy
So, this is what happens to the mysterious and enigmatic TM when Christmas is just around the corner ;)
Well, this is what happens if the TM in question lives with an annoying Sanna who in turn has an annoying camera, santa-hat and other christmas trinkets...
Actually, Zodd had a great time while shooting these photos, belive it or not. He was very still, as if he knew his Sanna would be happy if she could get just one or two (or twenty) cute (and not to mention mortifying) photos of him.
But the veryveryvery best part was when his hat slided off and he got to chew on it while his Sanna was putting down the camera and scurrying over to put it back in place again. Ah, the taste of red velvet on a starfilled night is underestimated!
Let's hope santa is clever enough to NOT enter the house while Zodd is home alone, then he will probably learn a thing or two about drafty pants on his way home ;)

We wish you ALL a MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope to see you around here again!