52 weeks!

Mr. One-year-old!
Yes, Zodd is now one year! He was born on Christmas day 2006 and on his very first birthday he went to his friend Labans house. The camera was left at home, but Zodd had a great time ;)
Laban is a crossbreed dog and turned 11 years a while back, but he's still going strong.
Zodd and Laban has known eachother since Zodds first days in Sweden but haven't met for a couple of months.
It was CHOCKING for the human part of the pack to see Zodd beside Laban - Zodd was now HUGE!!!
This last week of 2007 was filled with playdates with a bunch of different dogs.
Zodd even met his first female dog in heat. What did he do? He didn't even look at her because at the same time he met another female dog that he met once this summer. They recognized eachother and ignored the other girl!
And a roadtrip took place as well. This time the camera was NOT left at home.

We wish all of you health, joy and alot of laughter in the upcoming year 2008! Happy new year!!