24 weeks!

The gathering

This was a busy week indeed. No rest for the wicked and that means no rest at all for little Zodd ;)
Following the pictures you can see how his week went from snuggle and quiet at home to busy and all-over-the-place at the swedish Tibetan Mastiff Clubs annual gathering.
Zodd went and brought his Sanna with him to document this event.
Strange how members in the TM family recognize eachother. At least it seemed that way because Zodd played so well with the dogs and the average dog is usually intimidated by his clumpsy and brutal love.
It was impressive to be in the middle of all those TM and Zodd made sure the big and handsome males saw how small and friendly he was. He wagged his tail, got a very soft look in his face (yes, even softer than usual) and kissed them whenever he got a chance.
Owners and dogs alike were friendly and it was fun to get to know them.
But there is really NO place like home. Zodd fell into a coma-like state when he walked into his house and remained that way the rest of the day. The only lifesigns were a random snore or two and paws twitching.
Dreaming about all those pretty girls he met, perhaps?
Zodd now measures 64 cm and weighs 35,5 kg.