26 weeks!

Calm and collected

Yes, this has been a week of peace. Zodd showed his very, very, VERY cool side. He just went through a rough patch were trashbins were enimies and unknown people were out to get him, but this week he showed his old self again. And a bit more.
He's been a cool cat, and speaking of cats, why not an update on how he's getting along with them?
It's going well! But when he's in his wild n' crazy state he wouldn't mind one bit if he could play rough with them.
Yes, keep on dreaming, Zodd!
But all this cool and composed attitude of his could just as well be that he's still tired from all the fun and games last week ;)
He's getting a bit more exercise now and also a bit more food. Ah, he loves the last part.
Zodd says :"Food is the meaning of life."
He has yet to discover the opposite sex ;)
Zodd measures 65 cm and weighs 38,5 kg.