27 weeks!

Strawberry boy

Yes, there's no doubt that Zodd LOVES strawberries. He even picks them by himself when he gets a chance!
This week he went to a "pick-your-strawberries-yourself-and-pay-less" place. He was just laying there in the sun, nibbling on the berries closest to him and enjoying life.
An old man (Zodd's enemy #1) walked past and in a moment he changed from cuddly snuggle-puppy to the great guardian from Tibet.
It was amazing to watch! But probably not as amazing for the old man who scurried away with his strawberries in a firm grip.
Zodd also visited a Medevil market. He was cool and calm and didn't care one bit when old men walked past. It's probably pointless to be on high alert in big crowds. Much better to save up that energy for strawberry picking when he gets home again.
Zodd now measures 67 cm and weighs 39,5 kg.