Honestly, life would be plain boring without them!!

Zodd x Zima

Meet Zima, Zodd's new friend from od Dolanského jezu kennel in Czech Republic. Zima was born 2010-01-27 and came to Sweden ten weeks later. She now lives with Anju, Hateya and Chempo at Housedog's in Skåne.

Zodd: "Ok Zima, so here's the catch. Swedish people love us czechs, but they also love cameras and that's especially true when it comes to my mum. Just love the camera back and everyone will be pleased."
Zima: "Ok, uncle Zodd, but there's one thing I want to tell you - Your mum may love the camera, but the camera loves ME!"

Zodd x Ganzi

There are friends, good friends and then there is Ganzi who's probably Zodd's best friend. They have so much fun together and just love each other! Zodd is Ganzi's uncle and they both come from Sundari kennel in Czech Republic. Ganzi is one year younger than Zodd.

Zodd: "Hey, Ganzi. There's that camera again. We must really look good!"
Ganzi: "Face it Zodd, we are addictive."

Zodd x Gokarmo

Zodd met this black beauty for one day in september 2010 and they hit it off! Gokarmo Sundari is from the same kennel as Zodd but she now lives at Gangpori kennel in Czech Republic. She's Ganzi's littersister.

Zodd: "Welcome to Sweden dear Karma! I'm soooo happy to have you here! I'll show you around, just say the word!"
Gokarmo: "That's so kind of you, but for now - LET'S PLAY!!!"

Zodd x Bamse

Love come in all sizes and shapes and you can find it where you least expect it. Zodd was surprised to find himself being the small one when he met Bamse, the Irish Wolfhound. Bamse is a friendly giant with a heart of gold and he took Zodd's wild love exclamation in stride. Soon the two boys had fun together and it was wonderful to watch the two, same in age, get along so well.

Zodd: "Haha, this is so much fun, Bamse! Can you even understand how long it was since I last met a playmate in XL size? You are AWESOME!"
Bamse: "Yeah, but I would say I'm more like XXL and you are XL, no?"
Zodd: "Thanks man! You're like the coolest guy ever!"
Bamse: "Hey, we big boys have to stick together, no matter what."
Zodd: "WORD!"

Zodd x Swea

A gentle kiss from one Mastiff to another. This is Zodd's new friend Swea. She's a Mastiff (formerly known as English Mastiff), born and raised at Gramses kennel here in Sweden. A very sweet girl!

Zodd: "A kiss for you, my distant cousin."
Swea: "Are we related, uncle Zodd?"
Zodd: "Well, some experts claim that the Tibetan Mastiff had something to do with the birth of all molosserdogs, so I guess you could say we are related."
Swea: "Waaa! That's soooooo cool!"

Zodd x Texas

This is not only Zodd's friend, this is his NUMBER ONE fan! Texas, the Rottweiler is in love with Zodd, and has been since the first time he saw him. He's not only in love, he's obsessed with him, he stalks him and can't keep his paws away, always kissing him.

Texas: "Hey lady with the camera, can't you see we are like totally busy here? Buzz off! I'm like giving tribute to my man Zodd."
Zodd: "Yup, he's cleaning my teeth."
Texas: "... Ehehe, yeah, let's call it that..."

Zodd x Cahina

This is the first Aidi that came to Sweden. The beautiful Cahina de la Baume Cromagnon! She's a resident at kennel Patou Nordique and we meet her at dogshows every now and then.

Cahina: "You know Zodd, I'm even more unusual and rare than you are."
Zodd: "Well, I guess you could say that, but you know what? There's only one of me too, so I am just as unusual!"

Zodd x Bonnie

Bonnie, the Leonberger is a friend of Zodd. They don't meet very often but when they do they have a blast!

Bonnie: "So, what's up with this posing, Zodd?"
Zodd: "Yeah, about that... Hehe. Just hold still for a moment longer and then my mum will let us get back to our games, ok?."
Bonnie: "Oh, ok. I can do that."

Zodd x Sixten

Sixten, the Cairnterrier, thinks of himself as the biggest, strongest and coolest dog in the universe. Zodd finds it all very amusing and lets him get away with that because he knows who is king without trying to prove anything to anyone.

Sixten: "Hehehe, You are in MY POWA! I am like totally owning you right now!"
Zodd: "AND you have a sense of humor!"
Sixten: "What? What do you mean? And why are you talking back?! You are my SLAVE!"
Zodd: "Yeah, about that..."

Zodd x Enya

Enya is a timid Bichon frisé that came to visit us one day. She was very shy, but Zodd did the best he could to make her feel at home.

Enya: "So, Zodd. What's that thing over there? Looks weird, no?"
Zodd: "Nah, that's just my mummy and her camera. Just ignore her and she will go away. It always works for me."
Enya: "Thanks, I'll do that. She's scary..."

Zodd x Gramse

Gramse is a German Shepherd and he's FULL of energy and could go all day long. Zodd thinks he's quite amusing for a while, but then he tries to block him. Not that it works since Gramse is determined to get Zodd's attention, no matter what.

Gramse: "HAHA! I took your stick, now you HAVE to chase me! HAHAHAHA!"
Zodd: "Annoying youngster. Wait 'til I get ya, then you won't laugh anymore..."
Gramse: "As if you'll ever catch me! HAHA!"

Zodd x Billie

It was LOVE at first sight when Zodd met Billie, a Tervueren/German Shepherd cross, for the first time in november 2009. Billie is a slightly younger boy than Zodd and very calm and obedient. He is tolerant with Zodd, but not as moonstruck as the big TM is.

Billie: "Hey man! There are people watching! No kissing in public."
Zodd: "Stupid rules are made to be broken. I am a Tibetan Mastiff after all."

Zodd x Bambam

Size really doesn't matter when it comes to friendship. These two always makes everyone smile when they get together. Bambam is a energetic Jack Russell Terrier, about the same age as Zodd, and loves his big and fluffy pal!

Zodd: "Bambam, come on! I can totally take you!"
Bambam: "HAHAHA! You and what army?! Size really isn't everything, my man."

Zodd x Bulten

This is Bulten, the Dogue de Bordeaux. He came into this world on may 5th 2009 and moved from Gothenburg to move in with Manson. He's a puppy in this pic but will not stay one for very long. It's almost scary how fast they grow up. Zodd and Bulten are great friends! Bulten and his bro have their own homepage ---> here!

Zodd: "And this is how you run really REALLY fast! Got it?"
Bulten: "Wow, how did you come to know so much? Teach me EVERYTHING, uncle Zodd!"

Zodd x Brummi

Brummi is a good friend of Zodd! They don't meet very often, but when they do it's pure love between them. Brummi is a Tibetan Mastiff lady with her very own blog ---> here! Be sure to check it out!

Zodd: "Where did you go, Brummi?!"
Brummi: "Mwahaha, you will never find me! I'm hiding here in the tall grass! When you least expect it I'll jump out and get ya!"

Zodd x Cenge

This is Cenge, the Tibetan Mastiff, former resident of Czech Republic, just like Zodd. Now he's living here in Sweden together with his halfsister Måne (scroll down to see her). Cenge have never really cared for Zodd, but since Zodd grew up and calmed down his wild games Cenge is alot more tolerant. A wonderful development since Zodd is in love with his sis ;)

Zodd: "So, are we done here yet, Sanna? I want to go back to playing with Måne..."
Cenge: "You take it easy with my sister, ya hear?! I'm keeping an eye on you, rascal."

Zodd x Singa

Singa is a girl Zodd meets every now and then during our walks. We live in the same village and the two friends are always happy when they run into eachother. Singa's master always makes the same joke when Zodd trots over to greet them. He looks at me and say "Don't worry, she's already had her breakfast!"

Zodd: "Hi! All is well, I hope?"
Singa: "Yes, thanks for asking. And you? I should probably inform you that my master didn't feed me this morning, so now's your chance to get a head start... I'm in the mood for tibetan cuisine..."

Zodd x Jens

Jens is a Stabyhoun that Zodd got to know during our trip to Denmark in november 2009. We stayed at a farm and Jens was the farmdog. An old and wise boy with a big heart and a wagging tail, eager to show his new friend Zodd around the property.

Jens: "So, I've given ya the grand tour, how do ya like my place? I personally think it's one Tibetan Mastiff short."
Zodd: "I'd totally move here, but my mum would probably not survive me leaving her. But I hope I can visit again in the future!"

Zodd x Nemo

This tiny creature is called Nemo. He is a mix between chihuahua, griffon and pomeranian and is always alert and on the go. He has plenty of kisses to share with his giant pal Zodd. They are an odd couple, but get along perfectly! They play in their own way and it's great fun to watch them!

Zodd: "How on earth did you get so tiny? Your mama put you in the washer by mistake?!"
Nemo: "I'm tiny? Man, it's you who's HUGE! Your mama forget to put a lid on the barrel of dogfood?!"

Zodd x Foppa

Well, these two boys don't actually hang out. They've only met once, but it was such an opportunity to get a photo of a GIANT black and tan together with a TINY one that I couldn't pass it up. Foppa is a sweet Chihuahua, all dressed up for the shoot ;)

Zodd: "Work your outfit, tiny. Work it, work it. Look good for the camera."
Foppa: "No need to work it, silly giant. I always look good!"

Zodd x Noblesse

Zodd likes it rough, he loves ladies with spunk and attitude, he is a BIG fan of wrestling and Noblesse is perfect in his eyes! She shows her affection with brutal games and alot of lip biting! Noblesse is a Dogue de Bordeaux lady, one year older than Zodd and one of his best friends.

Zodd: "Whaaaaa, that hurts... but it feels so good!"
Noblesse: "Mmmm, sure does! Your lips are perfect for this..." *giggle*

Zodd x Sonja

This is Sonja, the brave Siberian Husky girl! Zodd met her when she was still a puppy and their friendship is as strong as it ever was. He loves her and she's crazy about him. They can play and play and play and... Well, they just can't get tired of eachother!

Sonja: "Soooo, you give up? Say it, SAY IT! I want to hear you say it!"
Zodd: "No way! I love this. I could lay here all day... I will never give up!"

Zodd x Simon

Simon and Zodd doesn't meet very often but when they do they have a great time. Simon is a very sweet Cairnterrier and he is full of kisses and cuddles. Zodd is only too happy to receive all the love he can get!

Simon: "Come on, Zodd! Just one more kiss! One more kiss, please, please, please!"
Zodd: "Just one? I can handle more than one, Simon. I'm a big boy! Bring 'em on and keep 'em coming!"

Zodd x Winston

Zodd and one of his favorite friends, a Golden Retriever boy called Winston.

These two have been crazy about eachother from the very start! They are almost the same age.

What? You only see Zodd in this photo? Haha, well you just have to look harder. Winston is in there somewhere. He's just getting a bit of Zodd's special treatment ;)

Zodd: "I have a crush on you, Winnie!"
Winston: "You think I haven't noticed???!!!"

Zodd x Sten

Zodd was a puppy the first time he met Sten and they have known eachother ever since. Sten is a crossbreed (poodle x terrier - probaby Tibetan terrier) and is a wonderful dog with a big heart and lots of personality! Zodd has great respect for this little guy who is several years older than him.

Zodd: "Yo people! This is my man Sten! He is totally cool and knows everything about life. I'm his loyal fan!"
Sten: "Haha, youngster Zodd. Thanks for the introduction."

Zodd x Hateya

Hateya is a beautiful Fila Brasileiro that lives at kennel Housedog's and Zodd charmed his way into her heart. It tooks some time before Hateya finally understood that Zodd wanted to play and was not trying to squash her. When she got it the two youngsters had a great time on the beach!

Zodd: "Oh, Hateya... I'd just LOVE to be friends with a cool girl like you!! I hear your breed is not easily charmed by strangers."
Hateya: "With yummie cheeks like this you are like totally welcome in my gang! "

Zodd x Ludde

Zodd and the Leonberger Ludde became friends one afternoon. Ludde belongs to Tobbe and Cristel and share his home with an older Leonberger. You can see more about them here ---> Ludde & Loke. Ludde was born in september 2008 and is almost as big as Zodd!

Ludde: "Hahaha, you are so much fun, uncle Zodd! It's great wrestling you!"
Zodd: "Huff... It's...great... wrestling ... you... too... huff... NOW PLEASE let me breathe!!!"

Zodd x Malla

Zodd and his pal Malla the Cairnterrier girl. These two only meet a couple of times every year but they adore eachother and are wonderful friends.

Zodd: "Here Malla, you want a taste of my bone? It's really delicious."
Malla: "Wow, thanks! You sure know how to make a girl feel right at home. You are a true gentleman, Zodd!"

Zodd x Saga

Zodd and a very friendly girl named Saga. These two had alot of fun during the summer of 2008. Saga is an American Staffordshire Terrier and a very active girl. Zodd didn't mind one bit being the lazy one for a change.

Zodd: "Once upon a time I was as wild and energetic as you are now. Oh I remember how I used to be a menace to..."
Saga: "Enough talking! LET'S PLAY!!!"

Zodd x Måne

If dogs love like people, feel a connection with someone and never forgets, then this is Zodd's true love. They've met every now and then since they were both puppies (Måne is 9 days older than Zodd) and there is such chemistry between them! Måne is a sweet and beautiful TM from z Kačinské louky kennel in Czech Republic.

Zodd: "Pose for the camera, Måne! We want them to catch our good side!"
Måne: "As if we would have a bad one!"

Zodd x Ferda

This little fellow is Ferda the Tibetan Mastiff. He's from z Kačinské louky kennel and also Måne's halfbrother. I'm sorry to say he is no longer with his family. Rest in peace sweet baby Ferda. We will never forget you!

Ferda: "What a shiny nose you have, Mr. Zodd! May I check it out?"
Zodd: "Knock yourself out kid. LOVE your afro by the way. It's totally cool!"
Ferda: "Thanks, but man it does take alot of time to get it to look this flawless!!"

Zodd x Äbbe

The first time these two met it was love! The second time it was less love from Äbbe (Flatcoated Retriever), but they still got along very well. They are almost the same age and Äbbe probably found it wise to put big baby Zodd in his place. Zodd on the other hand didn't care much for this whole hunt for alpha position. He would've loved their friendship to remain all happy happy joy joy! Some boys hunt for respect while Zodd hunt for playmates ;)

Zodd: "Let go!"
Äbbe: "Are you crazy?! You'll swallow me whole!"

Zodd x Manson

Zodd got to know Manson online! Now they meet at least once a week for walks in the forest or by the sea. Mr. Manson is a Dogue de Bordeaux and is a calm, happy, wild, funny and strict dog. Zodd has nothing but respect for him!

Manson: "If we look handsome while your mum snaps a photo she'll let us go about our business again."
Zodd: "Yeah, she's weird that way..."

Zodd x Elvis

During the summer of 2008 Zodd spent alot of time with the stunning boy Elvis. It was wonderful to see two such different dogs get along. They are truly two extremes, but still they understood eachother without trouble. Elvis is a Borzoi and there's alot of speed in those long legs!

Elvis: "You may not be as fast as I am but you sure are strong."
Zodd: "I am? Really? Is that why all dogs look so mad when I tackle them? It hurts?"
Elvis: "Yes... Yes, it hurts..."

Zodd x Chippen

Hot Shot Chip a.k.a Chippen the Cairnterrier is one of the first dogs Zodd met after moving to Sweden. She's a grand old lady by now (born back in 1995) and gets VERY annoyed with youngster Zodd when he wants to play. Zodd LOVES when she gets mad! Chippen lives with my uncle and his family.

Chippen: "FINALLY, some rest from that youngster..!"
Zodd: "Sanna, may I play with her again?! Please say okay, PLEASE say okay!"

Zodd x Vanda

Vanda the Cairnterrier has been in love with Zodd ever since she was a 6 week old puppy. They met for the first time back then and are great friends inspite of their BIG differance in size and spirit. When they meet they play together and rest together and walk together.

Zodd: "You are too small, Vanda! I'm going to CRUSH you!Mwhahahaha!"
Vanda: "I may be small, but I can FLY!"

Zodd x Anju

Anju Gangpori lives at kennel Housedog's not far from us. We visit eachother from time to time and the dogs get to play. Anju is an import from kennel Gangpori in Czech Republic.

Anju: "Zodd, you are so cute! I could just eat you up!"
Zodd: "...You think I can't tell?!"

Zodd x Pepsi

Zodd really loves Pepsi and she is just as crazy about him. We meet every now and then during our walks and these two see nothing except eachother. Pepsi is a Leonberger lady and Zodd has known her since he was a small puppy.

Pepsi: "I will now make my magic move and leave you behind!"
Zodd: "But Pepi, I just wanna hug you!Please don't make the magic move on me, PLEASE! I will be a good boy, I promise!"

Zodd x Chempo

Chempo (Seng Khri Atsi) lives at kennel Housedog's here in Sweden. He's imported from kennel Seng Khri. Zodd and Chempo are good friends, but in a very grownup way. Zodd shows Chempo respect and Chempo sometimes invites Zodd to play.

Zodd: "I can go like this! Wiiii, look at me!"
Chempo: "Yes indeed. Very impressive young one. How on earth are you doing it?"
Zodd: "...Are you being sarcastic?"
Chempo: "Me? Why, I would never!"

Zodd x Laban

Zodd is just a young boy in this picture. He is posing with one of his very first dogfriends here in Sweden - Laban, the crossbreed, born back in 1996 I think. He is a cross between Newfoundland/Gordon Setter/Labrador. A very friendly and happy dog.

Laban: "My my, I don't want to sit still anymore!!!! I want to run around, wag my tail all the time and kiss everyone!! Let's do that!!!"
Zodd: "Really? What on earth for?"

Zodd x Ellen

Ellen and Zodd have been best friends from the very start. Ellen is my niece and half the size as Zodd, but they get along so well and play together whenever they are in the mood to do so. Kids and dogs have so much fun together!

Zodd: "Drop it! DROP it!!! DROP IT!"
Ellen: "YOU drop it! DROP IT or I'll give you a big kiss!"
Zodd: "I'll NEVER drop it!!"

Zodd x the sheep

In a pasture not far from our home there's a pack of wonderful sheep. Zodd's made friends with the bunch and we visit them from time to time. Their curious study of Zodd was a bit much for him at their first meeting but now they get along great.

Zodd:"OMG! They're staring at me!...HELP!"
Sheep:"Why, aren't you a strangelooking fella... Did they cut your horns off?"