Sanna and Zodd!

Big as me (May - June 2009)
Time flies and Zodd is growing into a young man. Most people would probably say that he is fullgrown, but according to TM people out in the world he is not. A Tibetan Mastiff male is not finished until he's around four years old. I don't think he will be any taller, but his body will fill out and has already done so this summer. In my eyes he's never looked as good as he does right now, in spite of his summercoat. Other people may not notice the change, but I study him every day and he is different. His head is stronger, broader and his body too.
The most common question asked by strangers we meet is "How much does he weigh?" and "He is fully grown, right?".

Zodd is now 78 cm tall and last time I had a chance to weigh him (at the beginning of may) he was 64,5 kg. Quite the big boy! Just to put a spin on it he's gained 10 kg since this january (he refused his food for almost three months, only ate what he needed to get by)!! So perhaps it's not so strange that I notice a difference?

Summer is a busy time here in our small fishingvillage. It's now full of tourists from all over and at first Zodd was not at all impressed by their presence. He is slowly getting used to the hustle and bustle on the streets he consider his own. We spend alot of time by the beach, out in the pastures where we share the space with nobody except the cows. Oh, how he tries to charm them!! The cows are not interested in the bouncy fellow and ignores him. Poor Zodd only wants to play but they keep on sleeping, pretending he is just one more giant fly ;)

Zodd is lazy... He rather sleeps the day away because of the warmth outside, and there have been days when he just wouldn't get up and go with me on our afternoon walk. And no, I do NOT have the strength to pick him up and bring him with me. Not anymore. He is, after all, as big as me now... But still my little puppy ;)


We wish you all a wonderful summer!