Sanna and Zodd!

Some photos of the two of us (spring 2008)
My sister Nina is a good photographer and she's caught me and Zodd on film... Again ;)

A friend is someone you can smile with.

A friend is someone who makes you smile.

Sanna: "Be a good boy and look into the camera!"
Zodd: "You always say that but nothing ever happens..."

Zodd: "Mwahahaha. she's totally in my control!"

Getting the attention of a TM is not the easiest thing, but it's well worth working for!

Nothing compares to the friendship of a big dog.

Here we are. March 2008.

Zodd: "What is that thing? Candy?"
Sanna: "Yes. You want some?"
Zodd: "Ok."

We are taking a break in the grass.