Sanna and Zodd!

Getting to know the Tibetan Mastiff (Winter 2007/2008)
So, my first year living with a TM was full of laughter, worry, crazy moments and joy. It is true, so very true, that this is not a breed for everyone, but I am sure, now more than ever, that this is the breed for me.
Not only do I include Zodd in my life every day, I am also included in his, in his games, mischief and in his heart.
I know now that the people sharing lives with TMs gain a big part of their heart, if not all of it. Zodd is devoted to his family beyond words. Strangers are still a bit shady in his eyes, but that is how it should be. He is a guardian, born and bred!

I believe this breed has been around for thousands of years, just because of the impression it leaves in the minds of others.
And it is hard to walk unnoticed through town with a TM by your side, no matter how well behaved the dog is.
A Tibetan Mastiff is a turner of heads and a captor of hearts, for there is in his appearance something that speaks to everyone, some faint instinct that blossom when you face him.
A whisper of security, of unconditional devotion.
The task he has been set upon this earth to perform shows in every inch of him and this sense of strength and pride sneaks into the mind of the beholder. He is the guardian and protector, the one who will sleep by your bed to hold your nightmares at bay and the one to keep you safe in the world that sometimes seems darker than the starless sky. In the pitch black he is the light that shimmers, burns and roars.


Even a guardian needs a good snuggle ;)
A lost treasure we found during a walk.
Who knew a piece of rope could be so much fun?
Zodd: "Hm, what? You say something?"
Sanna: "You're heavy!" Zodd: "I am? Well, tough luck! You bought me, that makes you mine and that means I can sit here for as long as I like!"
Sanna: "Give us a kiss."
Zodd: "What's in it for me?"
On lookout together
It's nice to join forces sometimes.
We are scanning our surroundings.
Always watching
Zodd: "Hmmm..." 10 seconds later: Zodd leaving me with my mitten in his mouth... And I'm chasing after him, just like he planned!

Friendship is to share the things you love.