Written by: Zodd

At the moment there are only two dogs from Sundari kennel here in Sweden. It's me - Fu-Hsing Sundari (that would be Zodd) and Ganzi Sundari (Ganzi). We meet every now and then. Here are some photos from Sofiero dogshow 2008-09-13 held in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Here's Ganzi with the judge and his mum Catarina. Catarina is a very nice lady and she always brings candy! Ganzi loves it. She always offers me candy too and I take it most of the time, just to be polite. Sometimes I spit it out when Catarina isn't watching...

Here I am together with my mum Sanna and my nephew Ganzi. How we are related? Well, it's easy really - my mother is also mother to Ganzi's father Cambu and that makes Ganzi's father my halfbrother, therefor Ganzi is my nephew (at least half of him) ;)

Wow! Look at them go! My mum would be happy if I had half of that speed when I am in the ring. Ganzi moves very well! I always cheer him on from the ringside.

Here we are, waiting for Sanna and Catarina. They went to the toilet. I don't understand why they can't use a tree like everyone else?! Ganzi is confused about this as well. Strange people...

Damdida, damdida. Trotting around in the ring, feeling all eyes on me. I know the judge liked me since he couldn't keep his hands off me. Too bad he didn't like my soft and squeezeable lips as well.

Standing inside the ring, waiting for the judge to stop staring at me. Ganzi fell asleep when I went for my judgement. I guess he was tired after becoming Best Of Breed puppy!

He looks very proud of himself, my little nephew. As he should be! He later became BIS-4 puppy out of 68 (I think) tiny ones. GREAT job, baby Sundari!

Here we are with our mums.

I am getting kisses and Ganzi looks a bit embarrassed. Sometimes my mum shows affection in public, I can't do anything about it... Sorry kid, that's just my mum.

Noooo, I don't want to move!! She pulled and pushed until I finally let her have it her way. The things I do to make my mum happy...

Here we are, all handsome and stuff.
Look at our mums, you can tell they adore us ;)

And here's the last pic of us, in all our glory.
Well, except the fact that I have my summersuit on...


Over and out...