Gold + Blue & Tan Tibetan Mastiffs!
Gold is a lovely color and on a TM it's even better since it comes in every imaginable shade. There is deep red, there's shaded gold (sable) and there's light and creamy. Every single nuance is represented. I have not been fortunate to meet all, but I have collected a few. There's nothing as photogenic as a gold Tibetan Mastiff, this is pure fact! And they do very well in the showring too, especially over in the USA!

Blue & tan... What can I say? There's something so beautiful about this color, something so original. One of the dogs that's behind most of todays TMs was this color. Tü-Bo was brought to Europem from Nepal back in 1979. There are alot of blue & tan dogs in Sweden. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them. All are very active and alert dogs.