May 2011!

Dandy lion!

I got this picture into my head, and with a bit of help from Zodd, a dandelion and Lucas we made it real!

And what can be better than a treat after some serious posing?
Nothing, according to Zodd!
He used the first trick he ever learned (that would be "paw") to charm Lucas into handing over the duck coins.
It worked wonders. Who can say no to a face like this?


Poppy flower KING!

When Zodd was a puppy I tried to get some shots of him in this field of poppy flowers. They came out all blury and ever since I've wanted to try for a few shots again.
Every year I've missed it since their beautiful stage lasts for such a short time. Well, this year I took myself by the neck, grabbed a few tasty treats and asked my niece Ellen to join me and Zodd on the field.
We got a few shots that I'm more than pleased with and Zodd got a wonderful afternoon since he was in the "I'll do just about ANYTHING for those treats" mode. When he's like that (and let me tell you, that really doesn't happen very often) it's best to squeeze every single drop out of the moment!
So I got to experience just how it is to have an attentive dog. It was wild!!! Haha ;)

No, it's not so bad, really. Zodd listens to me, IF and WHEN I have something important to say (important to him, not me). But the duck coins we brought worked wonders with his recall, that's for sure. A thanks goes to Bulten and Manson who gave Zodd that bag of coins, as a token of their friendship. You could almost say I owe these photos to them ;)


Japanese wonders!

Zodd, Nina and I went to check out one of the marvels of Japan - the Akita!
The swedish Akita club had a gathering with a dogshow and some nice events just about half an hour from where we live. We packed the cameras and off we went.
I must admit I fell in love with the breed. They are gorgeous and has the best character. And they have such a healthy structure. You can tell, just by looking at them, that they are made to move.
We were greeted by one of the clubmembers upon our arrival. She was the judge who gave Zodd the groupwin the year before last when he ended up as Best In Show at our regional dogshow Blekingemästaren. It's was great to talk to her and meet her dogs and her breed.
Zodd was a good boy all day long, even if he was growled and barked at he behaved very well. It was nice to see that not only TMs get completely naked during summer. We met an Akita who was just as nude as him! Here are a few photos of some of the dogs we met.

The two brindle Akitas, Leon and Kia.

This Akita has a coat that is not accepted in the breed standard, but it's so beautiful!
These longhaired dogs are called lions :)

Beautiful animals!

One more lion!


The fairies of the dog realm!

Sometimes the urge to take photos of dogs gets too big, even though I have my very own private model here at home. And sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration and beauty around you.
And so I packed my camera and my sister in the car and went to visit a sighthound / gazehound specialty show about an hour and a half from home.
Zodd had to stay at home since I wanted to have all my focus on the gorgeous beings at the show.
And gorgeous they were!
I just love the variation of the dog world!


Two Salukis

Afghan Hound

Two Afghan Hounds


Cherry blossom dogs!

Once every year the marvelous cherry trees blossom.
In Japan this is a major event where familes bring their picnic baskets and sit under the trees, sharing a meal and basking in the beauty of the flowers. Here in Sweden there's no such event, at least not around our home, but we have a tradition of our very own. Zodd and I go to visit a gorgeous tree that grows not very far from where we live for a photo session.
The cherry tree dress up in flowers just about the same time Zodd slips out of his fur suit, so there's a strange sort of balance in it all - one goes from nude to full glory and the other one does the exact opposite.
But in a way they complete eachother and we usually get some good shots each year.

This time we called Bulten, the Dogue de Bordeaux, and his sidekicks Veronica and Manson and asked if they wanted to join us. They came driving and we had a nice afternoon, with a swim break in the middle of the photo session before we returned to "our job".

Manson, posing!
Bulten... Well, just being Bulten ;)

And Zodd, just being Zodd ;)

Zodd was a bit bored at the end, but he's such a sweet boy and kept posing for me until he thought enough was enough. Then he simply got up and left. Haha, he lives the life of a rockstar - stalked by paparazzi ;)

Our favorite place!

We've got a place we love to visit, Zodd and I. During summer there are cows in the pasture, but they are not there just yet, so we went there with my dad this morning. It's got it all - a great view, wonderful nature and lovely paths for us to follow.

The surroundings are very shifting and you can find open fields, thick forests and the ocean on the same walk. It really is the perfect place.

Zodd loves the forest!

There's no doubt about that. Ever since he was a puppy he's loved it. There's always something happening in there. If it's not a roe deer jumping into the shrubs it's a hare spurting across a hidden meadow in the deapths of the forest. And whoever said a TM does not hunt never had a TM, I dare say...
Zodd is always curious when we come across a roe deer, but he's not really interested in them anymore. I suppose all earlier encounters have taught him that they are, in fact, a lot faster than him. So he watch them bounce off into the fog below the trees. Sometimes he takes a bounce or two in their direction, but rarely more than that.
When I got Zodd I heard from almost everyone that it's impossible to have a TM off lead. Well, having had a dog that I never had a lead on I couldn't imagine having one that had to live its life at the end of a line, so from day one I walked with Zodd without leash and I've kept it up. He's no German Shephed, mind you, he's just as much a TM off leash as in other situations, but he's never far away from me.
And we have some great woods where I live where there rarely walks other people and dogs, so he's the king of the forest and I love watching him trot in his own pace, keeping half an eye (but all of his awareness) on where I am. Sure, he gets sidetracked, follows a track where a hare have just been or finds some hidden treasure below a fallen tree, but I keep walking and he comes after the moment he finish with his task.

Zodd, Lucas and I visited the lovely hills of Stiby to take a walk in less known surrondings and to enjoy the wonderous spring and all its colors!

Zodd at the highest point of the hills of Stiby. Here you can see all the way to where we live.

King of the forest, Zodd!