April 2010!

Welcome Zima!
This month brought a brand new Tibetan Mastiff to Sweden and to our circle of friends. Her name is Zima and she's the latest addition to Kennel Housedog's! It's my friend Anita who decided to add this sweet half chinese girl to her gang, and hopefully to her breedingprogram later on. Zima is a black and tan female puppy from od Dolanského jezu in Czech Republic and she goes under the pedigree name Buggy od Doanského jezu. She was one of eight puppies born 2010-01-27 in the Tianwei Yuanyuan  x Quai-Li Bohemia Sirague litter.
Zodd met her just a few days after her arrival to Sweden and they were both a bit reserved, but when we went to visit again a few days later she was overcome with joy and wanted nothing more than to give Zodd kisses and play with him. Zodd was very friendly (he is usually great with puppies) but Zima is still to small for him to really play with. I'm sure they will have a great time when Zima gets a bit bigger. Anju on the other hand was ready for a rumble and Zodd joined her in Anita's garden. They played and had a great time while little Zima tried her best to keep up with the big dogs.

Then there was a wonderful playdate with Bulten and Manson, the two Dogue de Bordeaux friends. Zodd and Bulten had a blast, like always. Wild and crazy is the words best used to describe the two of them. Manson did his own thing, playing with stones and digging on the beach. Zodd also made friends with a very very dead bird. It was more like the torso and the wings of a bird, not much else. He tried so hard to make it fly! Ran fast, fast and then he threw it up in the air, watching it as it hovered for a while and when it reached the ground Zodd picked it up for yet another go. Now that's a passtime worthy of kings ;)
We've been to a couple of wonderful walks in the company of other dogs too. Especially one of these walks were very special. There were three different Mastiff breeds present! Tibetan Mastiff (Do Khyi), French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) and Mastiff (English Mastiff). It's very special to see these breeds interact!

Zodd had a playdate with Sixten, the Cairnterrier. This tiny boy did his very best dominate Zodd in every way. He growled at him, tried to climb on top of him and so on. Zodd was amused in a big way! It was obvious that he laughed at the minidog's attemps! And when Sixten thought he was king Zodd just stood up and put a playful paw on top of Sixten's head, pushing the little guy to his very limit. And then, as Sixten made himself ready for yet another show of strength, Zodd dashed away with a huge smile on his face. Haha, it was great to watch the two boys, one dead serious and one just clowning about.
Enjoy the photos!