March 2010!

Three years in Scandinavia!
Can you believe it's been three years since Zodd first put his paws on swedish soil? It's unbelieveable but true. In a strange way it feels like he's always been a part of my life, but on the other hand it feels like he came into my heart yesterday. It's crazy how fast time flies.
Well, such a special day (march 12th) deserved something special, so Zodd and I went to the bakery and bought a cake for the family. It's worth celebrating that we've all survived his anticts up to this point ;)
Since both Zodd, Nina and I celebrate our birthdays in december it was an excellent excuse to eat cake! Even Zodd (who's not exactly famous for his sweet tooth) enjoyed it very much.
We have enjoyed quite a few playdates too. One day we left our small village to visit Åhus, a wonderful small town by the sea, and met up with Noblesse and her "parents" Frida and Linus. It was wonderful to watch Zodd and his favorite Dogue de Bordeaux girl play in the snow. They were wild (as always) and Zodd went for his first swim in the baltic sea. He just walked over the edge of the ice on the beach and looked very pleased in the chilly water. Crazy, crazy boy. Noblesse just shook her head and danced off over the ice, trying to lure her boyfriend back on solid ground. He's a sucker for his girl so he was soon back on land again.
Zodd also had a date with his boys Manson and Bulten on the beach. Haha, such crazy games they play! Zodd and Bulten are simply MAD about eachother, while Manson hovers in the near proximity, ready to step in if the games become too wild. He is MR COP! One day he'll probably bring both his patrolcar and taser to keep the two youngsters in line ;)
One day we went to Manson and Bulten's place and met up with Noblesse, Bulten and one more Dogue de Bordeaux girl. Zodd was in HEAVEN! He is in love with this breed and lights up whenever we meet one.

We went to a Tibetan breed specialty show at the end of the month, you can read all about it here ---> Dogshows
I visited the CACIB show in Malmö too, but left Zodd at home. Ganzi Sundari was BOB! HUGE congratulations to member #2 from member #1 of TEAM Sundari Sweden!!

There have been alot of walks this month (like always) and we even brought the kekor on a couple of them. Zodd gets alot attention on a normal walk, but when he's dressed up in his kekor he is like some famous megastar. He gets a bit too full of himself when he's wearing it though. I think he reacts to the reactions he gets from both people and dogs and wants to show them that they have no reason to bother him, so he huffs and puffs a bit.

The snow has now melted and left us longing for next winter. Yes, it's true. But I suppose a bit of spring and summer wouldn't be totally wrong while we are waiting ;)