May 2010!

Good times!
So, I know I said I wasn't entering Zodd in any more dogshows for a few months, but I admit I failed big time ;) Nina, Zodd and I went to the CACIB show in Hässleholm at the end of the month. You can read all about it here ---> Dogshows! He did quite well and behaved so well.
We've been to visit Zima again. She is growing fast and in my eyes she is a very promising girl. Her temperament is loving and sweet, just like her "big sister" Anju, who is her number one friend at Housedog's kennel. It's great to follow her from month to month!

On the last of april Zodd and I went to Broby to visit our friends Frida, Lucas (Frida's brother) and Noblesse. We had a great time in spite of the rain that just kept falling while we did our very best to barbecue. We had to move into the garage under Frida's house and continue our venture. It was a success (if you look past the smoke that seemed to be everywhere for a short while)! Frida and I were masters of the grill while Lucas prepared vegetables in the kitchen and Zodd and Noblesse snored away somewhere in the house. We followed the food with an evening of horrormovies. Frida joined the dogs in the snoring while Lucas and I stayed up all night long, watching movies. The next morning we took a long walk with the now rested trio and I brought the camera. I've said it before but I will say it again - Zodd and Noblesse are best friends! They are so sweet together. The day after, Lucas came to visit me and Zodd and Zodd was overcome by joy to meet him again. I would lie if I said I felt anything but joy myself. Lucas is now officially Zodd's stepdad and my boyfriend ;)

I've been on two trips this month, two trips full of Tibetan Mastiffs! Zodd had to be a good boy and stay home with my parents and my sister while I reveled in all the beautiful dogs. Firstly I went to Czech Republic and my TM family there. I was picked up at the airport by Jarmila and Zdenek and then we left for Borek and Sundari kennel, the place where Zodd was born back in 2006 and the place where Zodd's mother Rewa and brother Fawara still resides. I was greeted with wagging tails and big hugs from Fawara! He is such a sweet boy and so dear to me. I find it a bit strange how he and Zodd can be so similar in temperament in spite of different lives from eight weeks of age and up until today. Faro (that's Fawara's callname) is a slightly heavier and alot fluffier version of my own boy, so it was no surprise that I felt right at home.
Rewa is one of the sweetest TMs I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her soft eyes and wagging tail is always a great joy to behold. I also met Black Princess, ever the queen of Borek, her daughter Bangha, big and beautiful and Blackie's grandson and Bangha's son Kong. Kong is a nice boy :)
Jarmila and Zdenek took good care of me, and I felt just as spoiled as the last time I went to visit back in november 2008 :) Great food and wonderful chats, TMs that I love and their beautiful home made my stay perfect in every way. And on top of all that - my favorite chocolate Studentská! Yummy!!! Czech Republic sure knows how to make great chocolate ;)

And to top things off we went to a Tibetan Mastiff specialty dogshow with 111 entered dogs. Judge was no other than longtime breeder and fancier of the breed - Rick Eichhorn. He had travelled from America to put his eyes and hands on the eurostock of TMs. I had a perfect day, took alot of photos and cuddled alot of puppies. It was great to watch how my favorites in the ring won and it was so much fun to meet friends that I've only talked to online and to see dogs that I've only seen on photos! I got to meet Aqua and her brothers and sisters. Aqua is Zima's fullsister from a previous litter and she's a stunning girl! I'm happy to have seen Zima's family in real life and even more happy to have met the breeders of the sweet girl.
The entire day was wonderful and I am so happy for my friend Vera and her black TM girl Gokarmo Sundari, a niece to Zodd, for placing themselves as BOS. BOB was Chenporewa Harishankar, a nephew to Zodd. All in all the relatives of Zodd did very well under this judge.

My next trip led me to Estonia and a Mastiff specialty show there. This time I was accompanied by Lucas. We had a great time, visiting Zodd's brother Fah Sundari and his fellow TMs at Ayyangadoo kennel. Big thanks to Ave for inviting us into her wonderful home and letting us meet all the nice dogs! I was very impressed by Zodd's brother. He was truly a Tibetan Mastiff in every sense of the word - dignified, proud, calm, strong and alert. He left a very strong impression on me. He was KING of Ayyangadoo!
Lucas and I also had the pleasure of meeting Fah's puppy from last year - Himalai. What a sweet baby :) I also cuddled with BY and Abar, both boys were very friendly, as were all the puppies. We left Ayyangadoo with big smiles and alot of lovely memories.
The specialty show was a nice event, but too hot for all the furry TMs. They were panting, just like their humans. I got to see TMs that I've only read about on the internet and I even got to meet a few new favorites. The people at the show were all very friendly and made me feel right at home. Big thanks to all of you! Most TM people are simply as awesome as their dogs ;)
On the evening Lucas and I were invited to join a few breeders and the judges at Olde Hansa in the old city of Tallinn. A magical place where we were transported straight into the past! It was a grand night with hours of TM talk, nice drinks and an amazing atmosphere. A huge thanks goes to everyone present for making the evening into what it was.

Zodd have been on a few dates this month. His friend Sonja, the Siberian Husky came to visit. They had so much fun, like always. Bonnie, the Leonberger, also stopped by for a visit and had a blast together with Zodd. They are about the same size and play well.
Zodd also had the rare opportunity of meeting a dog even taller than himself. Bamse, the Irish Wolfhound and Zodd really hit things off! My boy found the entire experience very strange at first since he is used to being the big boy. Suddenly he fell into a state of puppy that I haven't seen for a long time. So sweet!

Well, as you see it's been a very busy month and I'm sure things will get even more hectic in the upcoming months. So I apologize for the slow updates on Zodd's site. Please be patient with me ;)