November 2010!

Norway mania!
This month was a very busy one. I went to Norway twice, both times with Lucas and without Zodd. He had to stay home to keep an eye on the rest of the pack.
The first trip was partly to see the norwegian movie "Trolljegeren" at the cinema (in translation "the troll hunter"). Haha, some might say that it's crazy to drive around 700 kilometers to go watch a movie, but in all honesty I've driven just as long for five minutes in a ring in front of a judge at a dogshow. At least here I got over one hour and a half for less than a dogshow would cost ;)
We left Sweden late in the night, or early in the morning, depending on how you would look at it. Lucas drove all the way and I got a few hours of rest. He didn't. Poor boy was exhausted when we finally got to Horten. I was dropped off at his apartment and he went straight to work. I honestly have no idea where on earth he found the energy to do so!
When I walked in to the apartment it was obvious that it hadn't been used in quite some time... It was cold (REALLY cold) and far from clean. So to keep warm, until Lucas got off work, I decided to clean the place. And so I spent a few hours together with loads of dead spiders, dustbunnies and a wet rag. I was quite satisfied as I climbed under the covers and fell asleep.
I went for a walk later and was picked up by Lucas and accompanied him to the office. That night we went to the cinema and even though we were both tired we enjoyed it. At least parts of it. I nodded off a couple of times and so did Lucas. Who wouldn't after almost a day and a night without any sleep at all?
That night we slept in a really fancy house with an indoor swimmingpool and a jacuzzi. We took a dip before we curled up in the bed and fell into oblivion.
The following morning I was supposed to take the bus home. Lucas drove me to the bus station and we sat there for over an hour, waiting. After being in contact with the bus management people we got informed that the bus had left the station without me... Oh joy...
It all ended up with me jumping in Lucas car and driving home on roads that god forgot - snow and wet, slushy ice... But, nothing could put a damper on that trip. I had a blast and was met by a overjoyed Zodd on my return, several hours later. And in the sheer joy of having his very own Sanna at the doorstep he was a good boy and ate his dinner!
Yes, because we are now in the middle of the extremely long days of starvation. As always, this time of year, Zodd is the biggest antagonist food has ever known! He's rapidly loosing weight and now I ask myself why on earth I didn't fatten him up good last month when he still ate somewhat properly. Next year he'll be Zodd the SUMO in november. Then, at least, he'll have a reserve to take from when his desire puts an end to his appetite...

We've been to visit Bulten and Manson, the Dogue the Bordeaux boys, on several occasions this month. It's always great to watch the boys run free and enjoy themselves in the wonderful nature on Ryssberget.
Zodd also had a quick date with his number one favorite Dogue de Bordeaux lady Noblesse! They had fun in the pasture close to Noblesse's house. Zodd flirted away while Noblesse munched down some small and very dead critter she found in the tall grass... Ah, there is nothing like eating your dinner out in the wild ;)
Zodd, who doesn't even toutch the raw beef I serve at the moment, just stood there, happy that Noblesse was still long enough for him to have a good sniff in all the secret places. He's one naughty boy in winter...

And then I went back to Norway again, leaving my pup behind once more. I went to pick up Lucas, since I had the car. It was a long drive, but just before the norwegian border I stopped for an excellent visit with my friends Judit and Martin, who lives in Skee together with their Tibetan Mastiff Brummi and the tiny Jack Russell Terrier Abbe.
They invited me in and I felt right at home. We went for a walk in Skee, watched "Kung Fu Panda" and ate snacks, then we had dinner together.
You guys are the best!
I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to get to know you. It really is amazing how many wonderful people I get to meet just because of our Tibetan Mastiffs that link us together.
Brummi is such an incredibly sweet girl and she curled up in the sofa close to me and stayed there, with her head in my lap, for a long while. It's strange how welcome you feel just because a TM tells you that she likes you. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a TM (well, that and a cat)!
I had a wonderful night at Judit and Martin's place and drove off in the middle of the night to meet up with Lucas in the cabin where he and his colleagues resided. The following morning we started our long drive back to the south of Sweden, after a small tour in Norway. We stopped in Gothenburg and had a nice meal at a small italian restaurant on our way home.
That's the best part of being on the road together with Lucas - it's really nice since we have loads to talk about and it's even better since it's always a small adventure!
But I have to admit I enjoy returning home to my other big love in life after every trip. Zodd is one of the best friends I have and I'm not quite complete without him.

Oh, I have to tell you the story behind the photo just below this text!
The plan was that I was supposed to be the model and Lucas the photographer. We tried for a while but didn't get it right. The goal felt lightyears away when Zodd suddenly came up the stairs and marched into the set.
I thought that it would be a great shot if I only got him to look into the camera through the mirror. And right I was! The funny thing is how extremely fast Zodd got it right! I only had to praise him twice before he understood what to do, and then he posed long enough for me to take this shot (and several others, but this one was by far the best one). He's so clever, when he wants to be!