January 2010!

Wonderful winter, finally you've come to stay! Zodd loves it and have spent alot of time outdoors. He's a big fan of the cold weather and makes sure he wakes up the rest of the family very early so he can go outside and fall asleep in all the white. It's very sweet, but not very fair to the humans in the house, but this is something he did last year as well and it will pass as soon as spring comes marching in.

We went to Gothenburg for a CACIB dogshow on the 8th of january and Zodd did well. You can read all about it here ---> Dogshows!

It was time for Zodd's annual visit to the vet this month. We left early in the morning and he was a bit sulky when the car stopped and he noticed where we were. As usual he made a big impression in the lobby and both cat- and dogpeople asked a gazillion questions while Zodd just lay there and took it all in stride.
Zodd and I went into one of the rooms and waited and waited and waited (as usual) while he asked me, time and time again, WHY we bother coming to that place. He doesn't like it, but in a very typical TM way he copes and simply sulks. No energy is wasted on open protests, but it's written all over his face. Well, finally our vet arrived and he gave the shots we came for and also did a check for PRA, RD and Cataract. This involves a glowing hat on top of the vet's head, a dark room and, in best cases, a very still dog.
Zodd got nothing but praises from the vet as he silently protested his way through this new experiance, without so much as looking away from the freaky alienhuman with weird glasses on and a glowing head. No treats were accepted (as usual) and we walked on into the X-ray room.
My sister Nina helped me to get Zodd up on the table. I didn't want to use any sedatives and he is such a good boy when it comes to being handled, so he just went along with it all as Nina and I turned him this way and that way and so on. I wanted to check up on Zodd's elbow (he is ED 0/2) and see if there had been any changed since last year. Nothing had happened at all. If anything, the vet told me, everything looked calmer on the new X-ray compared to the old one. Zodd have never showed any pain from his elbow, but still it's good to know how things really look.

There are quite a few photos of Zodd's friend Gramse this month. He's a young and quite hyper German Shepherd that's lacking an off-button, this breed is not my cup of tea at all, but Zodd finds him amusing, so there you go ;)

We are not used to this much snow here in the south of Sweden, so I am determined to make the best of it! And my camera have certainly been a very loyal companion this month. Over 170 photos... I don't quite know where to fit them all, but I hope you'll enjoy them!