June 2010!

The small everyday adventures!
It's always wonderful to go on small adventures. Zodd probably knows this more than anyone since he's been on a few by now. His favorite past-time is, without a doubt, to hang out with his friends. That must be the best life has to offer, if you ask him ;)
This month he's been on a few dates. More than one with Bulten and Manson (the two Dogue de Bordeauxs), but the camera tagged along on only one, and one superfun date with his sweet friend Sonja, the Siberian Husky. Those two always have so much fun and Zodd is actually the one who showed Sonja that water is fuuuuun! That was last year, but the knowledge is fresh in her head ;) So they had a really great day on the beach, as you can tell from the photos.
Zodd also had alot of dates with his giant friend Bamse, the Irish Wolfhound. I must say that these two big boys are happier just to hang out than to actually play. It's all very sweet.
And then there was the looooooong trip to the region of Dalarna. I went with my love Lucas and Zodd and we went on several adventures there. You can read more about it here ---> Dogshows!
There is one photo of Zodd in front of the swedish author Selma Lagerlöf's house Mårbacka this month. It was very nice to visit her home, where she lived and wrote all her wonderful novels, since I am a great fan.
We also visited the tallest waterfall in Sweden - Njupeskär! There's one photo of Zodd as a dot at the bottom so you can tell by yourself just how huge the waterfall was :)
The entire trip was a great experience, but Zodd was very happy when we came back home. He is a Tibetan Mastiff after all and even if they do love an adventure from time to time there is NO place like home!

Zodd and I went with my parents to the shoreline and spent all midsummer's day in the sun and on the rocks, enjoying the warm and wonderful weather. Zodd took a couple of dips in the water and I had to cover him with a towel when he came back up since there were mosquitoes everywhere and they were really hungry for tibetan blood! But Zodd was content under his towel and snored away until the hot dogs were ready, happy to be out of the annoying little creature's reach ;)
He is always so patient when it comes to things like that. And he's always very patient when it comes to playing a bit of dressup too, as you can see on the last page this month. I did a wreath for him and he was more than happy to pose for a few photos. It's become a tradition to make a wreath for Zodd each midsummer. Usually I pack the whole thing full of flowers, but the sun was setting and time was running out so we had to do something easier.
Enjoy the photos!