July 2010!

For the first time in years I've taken a bit of vacation from documenting the life of my Tibetan Mastiff Zodd. Well, not really since I'm sitting here writing this, but pictures are scarce this month I'm afraid. My new camera is not working well, so I've had to use my old one again. My old loyal friend :)
The only time I brought my camera with me was for Zodd's date with Noblesse the Dogue de Bordeaux, his favorite girl in the universe (yes, I do believe that's true) and even that day I didn't take alot of photos of Zodd. I guess one reason could be the fact that he is totally and utterly naked at the moment! He's smooth as a Rottweiler and... well, you can tell from the photos so I don't need to explain ;)
He was very late in shedding this year. It was not until after we came home from our long trip to Dalarna last month that I finally brushed away the last of his fur. Zodd was happy with this, of course, since he thinks he looks good in any fur he's wearing. And that's kind of true, he does look very cute during summer with that big head of his on top of a smooth body ;)
He is eating very well now (and have been for a few months) and has gained alot of weight. I dare say he's never been so fit in his life. I only wish I had a scale that would fit him ;) I guess we'll have to make a trip to the petshop soon and see if my eyes are telling me the truth.
It's funny how much a dog can change in a few months. I know for a fact that he will refuse his food as soon as september/october comes, but I will stay happy for now and enjoy the fact that he stole food for the first time in his life! My sister Nina had made two rolls with cheese and Zodd was "sleeping" in his bed while Nina came into my room after placing her two rolls on the table in the tv-room, when she returned Zodd was still in bed, but only one roll was left on the table... and there were crumbs where he was! He looked mighty innocent, but the evidence spoke clearly. Both Nina and I had a good laugh!

Zodd and I went with Lucas to his appartment in Lund for a few days and enjoyed the citylife. Well, to tell the truth Lund is a very green city and there are more soft paths to walk on there than in our small village. It was very nice to be together with my two favorite boys and we went for alot of strolls in the woody parks.
One morning we took a long walk into the very heart of Lund and had a nice breakfast at a small café. Zodd just lay there, perfectly relaxed, taking in the hustle and bustle of the streets. After we arrived back at the flat we decided to leave Zodd for a while and go visit some shops. It was very warm outside so he could not come along and wait in the car. He's always a good boy in the car, but every car is a deathtrap this time of year and I still get surprised that people are not aware of this and actually bring their dogs with them and leave them alone while they go shopping... It's madness...
Anyway, time passed faster than we had planned and we got back after a couple of hours. Zodd, who had been on the almost two hour long walk that same morning had NOT been sleeping while we were away... He had been doing what every TM does best - guarding and letting everyone know that he was there with the help of his deep and resounding bark. Oh yes, we heard it before we entered the building, and mind you - Lucas lives on the fourth floor! It only goes to show that a TM is not suited in an appartmentbuilding with neighbours on the other side of those thin walls. They were born and created in the land of air and open space and will never feel truly at home in a small place, at least that's true about Zodd.
He was not very happy when we entered the flat, he looked at us, accusingly, then he went to lay down and fell into an exhausted sleep, as if he was saying:
"Man, I've worked my ass off here, people! Now you take over!"
And as the obedient humans we are, we did ;)