October 2010!

The Fall
This is a wonderful month in a lot of ways. The days are a bit more chilly and there are colors everywhere.
Zodd is always in good shape in october - he is growing his fur back, after enjoying the summer dressed in his smoothsuit, and he's still not lost too much weight since the girls out in the world are just beginning their heats. So if only october had more dogshows I think I'd be a very happy girl ;)
We did, however, attend two shows. You can read about Blekingemästaren here ---> Dogshows!
Zodd was BEST IN GROUP and then placed as BEST IN SHOW 4! It was wonderful!
The other show was not like your average dogshow. It's called Golden Go and only dogs who have been BOB, BOS or become Champion during the past year are allowed to enter.
The dogs compete against eachother in pairs, no matter what breed they are, and the judge pick the one he likes the best and then you go another round against another dog, and so on, and hope to be picked again in order to make it all the way to the top.
Zodd was very tired - this show is held at night and he behaved very well during the first round. He won over a Chihuahua (haha, can you see that in front of you??) and thought he was done. So when it was time for round two he was so not in the moment. He was sleepy and no matter how much I cheered him on he was determined to go back to sleep, preferably while running. So he did. But, the whole show was a wonderful experience. It was really classy and flashy. I hope we will be able to attend it again in the future! Big thanks to Lucas, Veronica and Totte who came along and cheered for us! It was a really nice evening! You can see two photos from the show on page 6, I am all dressed up in a red jacket and Zodd is showing the judge his teeth ;)

So, what else is new this month? Well, Zodd was a good boy and humored me while I dressed him up in his annual autumn kekor. He is always so patient and I'm happy that he's ok with me shoving my camera in his face at all times. If that's not true friendship I don't know what is ;)

Zodd, Lucas and I went for a really nice walk in the middle of the month. We walked down to the Baltic sea and found drifts of bladderwrack and seaweed. It was so soft and warm to walk in, so Zodd and I did just that. We sank down into the squishy purple stuff and just enjoyed it. Photo evidence can be found on page 3!

My father have been hospitalized and we've been on several trips to visit him. Of course Zodd's been a good boy and a favorite with the nurses. He makes an impact in most places, that's for sure. Now we are hoping for a fast recovery and less stress in our lifes. A good way to get away from the stress is to be near a Tibetan Mastiff. I promise, it works wonders!