September 2010!

Visitors from the homecountry!
This month we had a grand visit from Zodd's homeland Czech Republic. No other than his breeder Jarmila Bendová (from Sundari kennel) came together with Věra Plecitá and her boyfriend (Gangpori kennel). They brought their co-owned black TM girl Gokarmo Sundari with them and Nina, Lucas, Zodd and I met up with them at the beautiful castle Sofiero in the region of Skåne at the CACIB show that's held there every year.
It was wonderful, simply wonderful to see Jarmila together with her baby Zodd for the first time in three and a half years. I couldn't stop smiling :) And she even brought a kiss with her from her husband Zdenek that she passed on to Zodd ;)
They stayed with Anita at Housedog's kennel (Anita's Anju Ganpori is the firstborn puppy from Věra's kennel) and we had a nice get-together at Anita's place after the show and the visit to Yngsjö beach.
If you're curious about the dogshow you can read more about it here ---> Dogshows! Zodd was placed as Best of Opposite Sex with CACIB and he didn't seem to mind the fact that he was beaten by a girl, but he was born a king and such small things never bother him ;)
After the show we went straight to the beach, this was a wish from Jarmila since there are no really big waters in CZ. It was lovely to show them the swedish nature and even more lovely to see the dogs mingle and to talk to our friends.
Zodd did his very best to charm Gokarmo. He danced his puppydance for her, invited her to join him in the water and then in the sand and at last she showed a bit of interest. I think that Zodd reminded her of his brother Fawara at Sundari kennel. They are both very similar in their puppy imitations ;) So Zodd was pleased that he had made a new friend!
Catarina and Ganzi came to join us too and this was the first time in over a year that Zodd and Ganzi have seen eachother. It didn't start good since Zodd was all "I'm the man" and strutted his stuff. Ganzi was not sure how to handle that since he's also the man and they had something one could call a showdown. It was over fast and afterwards Ganzi was a bit sceptical, but Zodd apologized with his famous puppydance and all was forgotten :) It was great to see the two boys together again!
While Zodd tried to charm the socks off Gokarmo (who is also Ganzi's littersister) Ganzi gave all his attention to Anju and spoke sweet words in her ear.
On our way back to the cars a couple of hours later Jarmila found mushrooms and we almost lost track of her while she hunted for them in the forest ;) It's a very dear memory to me.
And then we went home to Anita's place where we had nice food, drinks and lovely, lovely talks about everything and then some. It really was a magical day and night and I am so happy that this meeting could take place! Kisses and hugs to my CZ family! You are most dear to me :)

Lucas, Zodd and I spent a few days in paradise this month. Yes, there is a place called just that :)
My dear friend Veronica (the mum of Bulten and Manson) and her fiancé Totte left for France and the Dogue de Bordeaux clubmatch and so we were housesitting for a few days. Their home is located on Ryssberget (translates into "the mountain of the russians"), with wonderful nature (no wonder it's called paradise!!) and paths that goes on and on and on. It's a great place to visit and it was an even better place to live ;)
Zodd was guarding their yard and house from morning until night and the three of us took long walks on the mountain. Zodd enjoyed the freedom and the lack of people, but I could tell he was not quite at ease since he had a hard time relaxing outdoors. At home he curls up in a ball and pretends to sleep until something happens that needs his undivided attention, then he barks to let the rest of the pack in on the news. In paradise he barked most of the time, just to let anyone who happened to hear him know that he was there and that he was on guard duty. He was very tired when we returned back home, but I think he enjoyed that short vacation very much. I know I did!

We've spent alot of time in the forest this month, enjoying the trees that are chaning color and the great world of mushrooms! I've taken alot of photos of mushrooms and if you're curious you can watch them here ---> SaNNaS at deviantART! Just click gallery and then the folder that's called Nature!
You can also watch alot of other dogphotos in my gallery at deviantART. I even have a small collection on TMs there and that collection is constantly growing.

Zodd is slowly noticing that the world once again is filled with magic puddles that taste AWESOME... It's that time of year again, when his tongue drags after him during our walks so he doesn't miss the yumminess that the ladies leave behind... I guess all I can do is dream of summer and a TM that doesn't care about the scents on the ground, but it's a long time until we get back there again. Now I'm just waiting for him to refuse his food too. You see, that is the effect the magic puddles always had on him and I am sure nothing will be different this year. I can at least enjoy his wintercoat :)
There is always something, isn't there? During summer you have a nude TM that's in great physical condition and during winter you have a fullcoated TM that's a bag of bones under the fluff. I guess there's some kind of balance in that too, but it would be great to have a fullcoated TM in great condition for once.
But no matter the appearance, Zodd is Zodd and I do love him with all my heart. He's a great friend and I am so happy that I have the honor of being a part of his life.