April 2008!

A tough month

Oh yes, the teenager Zodd is here and it really is impossible not to notice. He's had a really tough month, and the same goes for the rest of the pack.
There really are no two days who look alike at the moment and it feels as if I have a new dog with me on every single walk.
He's extremely protective of me right now, but we are working on this, slowly, but hopefully, in the right direction. He hates just about every person we meet on walks and tells the to f**k off with that deep voice of his. It's very easy for strangers not to be charmed by this teenage monster.
But at the same time I can't help but to love every inch of his adolescent self. He's so much fun to be around when he's not busy proving his own existence to the world. He brings a big smile to my face so many times a day that it's pointless to keep count and I simply adore him. Soon enough he'll calm down and understand that the world really manages to spin on without his supervision.
Zodd is now a very naked boy. I've brushed and brushed and brushed and is now left with a longlegged boy. I wonder if his loss of appetite had anything to do with his shedding since he now loves his food again. Or perhaps he's just in need of that extra energy now that he's acting like a rebel?

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We were reached by the sad news that Zodd's friend Nova (the beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux from the photos in February passed away on the 21 of April. Rest in peace. Our thoughts are with the loving pack she left behind...