June 2008!

Beachtime is the best time!

We've spent ALOT of time by the beach this month. Zodd's been swimming and playing in the water almost every single day. He loves it!
The teenage revolution is not as strong anymore. Bikes and people may now pass us on our walks without Zodd going totally wild. The last month (May) was very hard, but with a calm approach it's slowly falling into place again.
Midsummer came and went as Zodd tried on the traditional swedish wreath. He was very patient while I took some photos, but I guess he should be used to me following him around with the camera by now ;)
Zodd made friends with the stunning Russian wolfhound (Borzoi) Elvis and they had a good time together, despite of their physical differences.
He also met the totally fearless Cairnterrier Dennis! This little pup was totally oblivious to their physical differences and couldn't keep away from big boy Zodd. It was very amusing to watch Zodd put down his feet, trying not to step on the new friend while Dennis seriously tried to fly, just to reach Zodd's face ;)
This language of dogs is simply amazing.