May 2008!

Romantic Zodd

The pictures below may show my Zodd, but they do not show the teenager Zodd. He is not about flowers and love at the moment. Right now he's not an easy dog to be with. Well, as always he's an angel towards his family and friends, but when we meet people, bicycles or anything like that on "his territory" he puts on a sour face you wouldn't believe! And he has a BIG territory now! Since he was a wee puppy we've walked the paths around our home, wider and wider, longer and longer and all these paths now belong to him and him alone. He wants them all to himself.
I once read in a book about the TM that when they grow you should take them in your car and drive to new places for walks every other day so they do not claim the surroundings as their own. A good idea, but I have no idea if it works or not.

Zodd is a very funny dog when he's not busy growling and sneering at strange people on "his property". He's also a wonderful boy when we go somewhere, like into town or to dogshows. When he's not at home he's calm, collected and friendly. TMs are truly territorial dogs!

We will take this teenage stage for what it is - something that will hopefully pass soon!