September 2008!

Summer went bye bye!
Alot of rough play this month! Zodd has had the pleasure of having almost free access to his best friend Winston for a week or so. He's also gotten to know the sweet and very energetic Amstaff girl Saga. There are quite alot of photos of Zodd and his friends. It's so much fun to catch them in action situations.
We have spent several hours in the company of Veronica and her Dogue de Bordeaux Manson. Long walks in the forest and by the sea every week. Zodd was quite confused at first since Manson is more adult in his ways than any other dog Zodd has ever met. He was even immune to Zodd's brutal crushing love! Surprise Zodd!
It's actually really good for him to know a dog that's not all about wild games. This way he will learn to behave in the company of grown ups ;)

The Baltic sea is slowly letting summer float away and the water is already quite chilly, but Zodd still loves to get all wet and messy whenever he finds a chance. I've read in several books and sites on the net that TMs does not like to get their paws dirty or wet. HA! That's my response to this. SPLASH! That's Zodd's response ;) But as everything else these things are very individual. Zodd actually did not like the sea at all in the beginning, but things soon changed after he saw my brother's dog play in the water.
Nowadays if we go for a walk and another dog is spotted in the water it is IMPOSSIBLE to budge him! All he wants is to play in the waves.