November 2008!

"Thanks, but no thanks..."
That is Zodd's motto for this month!
He is refusing his food... The same thing happened last year around this time and I am suddenly sad that the summerdays passed so fast. There's alot of great smells in the air - females dancing in front of Zodd's closed eyes every night, flaunting their stuff - and he is distracted. He's totally lost his appitite for anything but stunning ladies... It will pass in due time, but it's not fun watching a dog of his size turn away from the food night after night. He's one skinny boy at the moment...

Zodd met Pepsi the Leonberger one early morning in the forest and the two friends played for a while. It's great to watch those two since it's obvious that they are very good friends and they get along so well!
Zodd also had a playdate with two dogs from kennel Housedog's one sunny afternoon. It was Chempo (Seng Khri Atsi) and Anju (Anju Gangpori) who came to visit us. We took a walk along the beach and the dogs had a wonderful time! Chempo was crazy about the water and while Zodd did his very best to brutally charm his way into Anju's life (and pants) Chempo ignored all of this and played in the waves. One would think he would protect his sister, but obviously he did'nt see Zodd as a threat and let the youngster have it his way. Anju on the other hand was determined NOT to let Zodd have it his way and did everything to stop his clumpsy attempts for love. Zodd was so in love that he actually enjoyed her bites and growls. Well people, love hurts and that's a fact.

We were reached by the GREAT news that Zodd's nephew and good friend Ganzi Sundari was BIS-R out of 1376 puppies at the annual puppyshow in Malmö! BIG congratulations to both Ganzi, his mom Catarina and his breeder Jarmila!! We are very happy for you =)
Zodd went to a dogshow of his own together with Anju and Hataya the Fila Brasileiro. You can read more about it here HERE.