August 2008!

Hip Zodd!

This month the Tibetan Mastiff club of Sweden had its annual event and Zodd and I took it upon ourselves to organize it with some help from another clubmember. This was a very fun and educational experience for us both. I learned just how much food we bought that never got eaten and Zodd learned that it's great to be "Uncle Zodd" to a bunch of 7 month old puppies. He loved it and the other dogs loved him back =)
We spent three days together with other TM-owners and TM-fans, talking about TMs, playing games, taking walks etc. Never mind the rain that kept on coming. We still had a wonderful time!

Zodd also did his X-rays this month. His official results are HD A and ED 2. We are very happy about his hipscore A (that is the very very best a dog can get), but not as happy about his ED 2. Well, it's actually ED 2/0 - in other words only on one elbow, the other one is flawless. I've been in contact with several vets and they all say it can be from that one injury he had as a puppy (he twisted his left leg BADLY, lay screaming on the beach for a long time until I finally managed to calm him down), but they can't be sure. Zodd show no sign of any pain. He moves like a tiger and plays like a madman, never ever stiff after laying down or anything of the sort. He's a happy and healthy dog =)