March 2008!

"The story of my life"

By: Zodd, the Tibetan Mastiff

"Every morning is the same... Whenever I feel like sleeping in, there she is, nagging me to get up so we can go for a walk. Whenever I feel like rising with the sun, there she is, sleeping like a log and almost impossible to wake up...
During the day, there she is, going for the door just when I'm finally falling into my REM sleep and I have to check where she's off to. And in the evening she's in front of that noisy machine whatchama call it... computter? totally ignoring me as my eyes try to stare right through the back of her skull and meet hers on the other side. That is boring... Really boring. I actually have to get up(!!) and go over to her, make her look into my eyes and then walk a couple of steps toward the bookshelf where she insists on keeping my bone. I have no idea why, it's as if she really thinks that I can't reach it if I ever felt like trying. Well, anywho, then I have to walk back again (!!), meet her eyes, give a nod towards the bookshelf, but still no reaction. Honest to Buddha, sometimes I think that girls' got one too many other things on her mind. I mean, isn't it enough with me?
Still no reaction... The bone is on the shelf, Sanna's still in front of that machine (camputer?) and I'm still trying to make her understand.
She's so daft sometimes it's not even funny...
Then I lay down for a while, hoping that she's gotten my message but just is a bit slow in responding, I know what it's like to be that way and I'm all for equal right, but when I STILL don't get a respons I give her a hint by sighing. I mean, by now ANYONE would understand, right? Wrong...
So, how do I get my bone? Some nights I don't, but sometimes, after alot of nudging and poking and staring she gets my message. It often comes to me looking at her and then glancing at the bone, then looking back at her. That's when she finally gets it.
I know my fellow Tibetan Mastiffs totally agree with me - humans can be so lazy, so slow, so thick, but they are excellent to have for those bothersome-to-reach spaces."