October 2008!

"The world is my lollipop"
That is Zodd's motto for this month!
Zodd never knew the world could taste this good. Every lightpost, every wall, every tuft of grass is covered with yumminess previously unknown to him. He can't understand how on earth he overlooked this for the first 22 months of his life and is now desperatly trying to make up for the lost time. The fact that alot of female dogs are in heat is of course the big trigger for his very active tongue. He must taste EVERYTHING and savor every nuance, every subtle shade in the magic that is dogurine...
We are working on walking past lightposts, walls and tufts of grass without having a taste and even if he looks a bit grumpy he'll have to learn. Just imagine having a big TM stopping in the middle of the road just to give the gravel one slobbery kiss after the other while cars are honking at you... It's not a future I want to experience ;)

Otherwise this month has been a very nice month. It feels a bit like everything is falling into place after the teenage rebellion. Zodd is alot calmer, not even bicycles are getting angry glances from him anymore. Well, maybe once in a while but that is probably just to keep up appearances.
Zodd celebrated Halloween by going to the CACIB dogshow in Växjö where he got CAC and R-CACIB. You can read more HERE.
He also got to know a few pumpkins and was dubbed the pumpkin king by the family ;) you find pictures of this and other aventures by clicking the links above or below.