February 2008!

Food is for losers!
Yes, Zodd is living by that frase nowadays. Actually it's gotten a bit better, but he's still rather thin and I wouldn't mind if he ate alot more, but it's clear that Zodd would mind. He's frowning at the food, looking up at me with disdain and then walking away... It's not fun to watch such a big dog refuse his food...
We take long walks daily and Zodd walkes off leash in the forest. He loves it. A Tibetan Mastiff running free is a sight I can't imagine being without. Actually - A Tibetan Mastiff is something I can't imagine being without ;)
I'm dreaming of a brother (or perhaps a sister) for Zodd, but I want to wait untill he is all grown up before we bring a new bundle of fluff into our home. I'm sure Zodd would love a little friend.
Meeting other dogs during walks can be a bit difficult since all Zodd want is to go over to them and play, but we are working on this. Mind you, it's not easy when almost 60 kg wants to go one way and you don't ;)
He's made friends with the stunning Dogue de Bordeaux ladies Nova and Noblesse. Alot of photos of them playing together this month!
Check the links for pictures!