July 2008!


This month began with a looong roadtrip. We jumped in the car and drove all the way to Stockholm (around 1300 kilometers, there and back again) for the big WORLD DOG SHOW!
Zodd slept during all those hours in the warm car, covered by a wet blanket and he only woke up when we stopped for a walk or a meal. He was a good boy in every way! He kept his good manners during our stay in Stockholm as well. He behaved like a gentleman and I was very proud of him, even if the judges were not at all into his type.
They prefered a smaller, lighter type of TM (both at WORLD DOG SHOW and at the TIBETAN BREED SHOW). The winners were very nice looking dogs, but I am personally in love with the bigger, heavier type. And that is a good thing since I have one of those ;)
Zodd made alot of friends in Stockholm and the same goes for me. It was a great event to be at and the people were just wonderful.
But as every Tibetan Mastiff would be, Zodd was very happy to get back home again. We've been at the beach almost every day since our homecoming and I think Zodd will tell anyone who's interested that all that is needed for a great day is water and a friend!
His #1 friend this month was a Golden Retriever called Winston. The boys just LOVE eachother and play so well together =) There are alot of photos of the two of them!

I went on a trip to Czech Republic at the end of July and stopped by Zodd's breeder for a visit. I was greeted with smiles and wagging tails at the beautiful Sundari Kennel. Such friendly people and lovely dogs. Zodd's mother Rewas was a real sweetheart and I fell in love with her. If I had only brought a bigger suitcase I know where I would've put her ;)
A BIG thanks to Jarmila and her husband for making me feel right at home!