December 2008!

Birthdays and Christmas!
December is a magical month here in our house. It's full of birthdays and then Christmas to top things off. Zodd turned two on December 25th and spent the day relaxing. He ended his big day with a walk together with the sweet Siberian Husky Sonja... who was very much in heat. Suddenly it was VERY clear what he wanted for Christmas ;) Poor boy had to behave and went home without getting what he wished for.

On December 14th we had a visit. Ganzi came with his mom Catarina and we spent several hours together. The two Sundarians Zodd and Ganzi forgot everything around them and just played the time away. It's always pure joy to watch the two boys frolic in the forest with big, fat smiles on their faces! These two have not heard the "fact" that Tibetan Mastiffs can not walk off leash. It's a wonderful thing to see them run free! Of course there's alot of hours behind this, but I can honestly say Zodd eased into it. We took it day by day and I tried to make his "freetime" into something natural, something that's not very special, and therefor I hope he will not see a reason to run away since it's no big deal to run free. Well, I know there are people out there saying "just you wait", and I suppose they could still be right. But I am hoping Zodd will prove them wrong ;)

After ALOT of fun in the forest it was time for the boys to pose as Santa's little helpers in front of the camera. They were tired after the wild games and behaved very well. Catarina and my sister Nina did their very best to get the Santa-hats to behave as well. All they wanted was to slide off. You can see the results from the shoot on page 4 and 5! The two boys were adorable ;)

I actually went for a visit to Sundari kennel November 29th - December 2nd. I had a GREAT time and I will try to put together a page with some pics from this trip when I get the time. I got to meet Zodd's relatives, his mum and brother and alot of other TMs. I stayed with Jarmila and her husband Zdenek in their beautiful TM paradise! It was a wonderful trip and I can't thank Jarmila and Zdenek enough for making room for me and taking time to show me around! THANK you!