December 2008!

Zodd and Ganzi (Fu-Hsing and Ganzi Sundari)
Here they are! Santa's little helpers, up close and personal. So now you know - it's not elfs that help Santa, it's TMs ;) Ganzi brought a Christmasgift for Zodd - a cute pig with a oink-oink voice. Haha, Zodd fell in love, but Ganzi wanted to try out the gift as well. They were very sweet trying to decide who would have the pig and for how long and soon they forgot about the pig and just played with eachother.
Zodd wouldn't mind getting a Ganzi for Christmas next year ;)

Ganzi: "Yummy, yummy piggy! I wanna BITE it!"

Zodd: "Gimme!! You said it was a gift for me!"

Ganzi: "But friends share, right? SO SHARE!!!"