April 2009!

Smoothcoated Tibetan Mastiff!
The shedding is well on its way, well, Zodd is almost finished. He was very early this year, but we have had extremely warm weather so that is only natural I suppose. Again I am amazed at how clever mother nature is! During winter the Tibetan Mastiff have a very thick and dense coat that is extremely effective against cold and wet weather. They also look their very best during those months and to go one step further in thought - the males are very impressive when it's maitingtime (the average TM comes into heat only once a year). But when spring comes with all the warmth they shed their fur. The TM only shed once a year, but when they do they REALLY do! Zodd is now a very smoothcoated boy and he likes it. He's as smooth as the average Labrador Retriever (if not smoother). It's obvious that this system of shedding is genius! He doesn't suffer one bit from the heat.
The smooth coat doesn't stop him from enjoying the beach and the water even though the water is far from warm ;) He loves taking a walk down to the Baltic sea and play around. The very best thing is when he can bring a friend with him. His good pal Manson and his mum Veronica joined us several times every week this month and the boys had fun together!

Zodd, Nina and I went to visit Ella and Peter and their Tibetan Mastiffs. Zodd jumped out the car and ended up in paradise - Måne and her babybrother Ferda (just arrived to Sweden from Czech Republic) greeted him with wagging tails and invited him to join in their fun and games! Zodd was not late to accept and the three TMs soon fell into their own little world of happiness, while Måne's and Ferda's bigbrother Cenge slept with one ear open not far from the busy gang =)
Zodd and Måne had a private date when Ella took us humans and the two lovebirds on a drive in the stunning surroundings of their home. We went for a walk in the forest and enjoyed nature at its best. It was a very peaceful place, except for the two maniac TMs who were all over the place, running like they had fire in their pants ;)

We also went to a Lure Coursing event to look at all the beautiful sighthounds in full action. This was so much fun and Zodd was totally absorbed in the races! He kept a sharp eye on both the lure and the dogs, enjoying every second of it and dreaming that it was him chasing after the plastic bag. I am sure he would LOVE to try that out sometime =)

My camera broke on april fools day, but not to worry - Nina bought a new camera and she's been kind enough to share it with me this month! So there are ALOT of photos to enjoy ;)