March 2009!

Chief of mischief!
Yes, Zodd has entered a new period of personal growth. Once again the world is full of demons and scary shadows lurking everywhere. He is also the boss of our small village and tells everyone we meet that they should be somewhere else. This will pass, it's only for a short time, and then the usual Zodd will be back again. The demons will fade away and he will not even notice the shadows.
Spring is really on its way. The smell is in the air and on the fields the bunnies are busy making new bunnies. The roe deers are coming closer to our house and Zodd is very interested in them... At the moment the leash is on when we are walking in the forest, at least in the areas where I know the roe deers usually roam. He would disappear in an instant if he caught sight of them, without doubt! The people who claim that the TM doesn't have any hunting instincts are very wrong. Zodd is not the only TM I know who loves a good chase.

We have spent alot of time with Manson the Dogue de Bordeaux and his mum Veronica this month. Zodd and Manson have so much fun, in their own very special way. It's always hilarious to watch them. Manson is very loud and protective of the stones, sticks and stuff he finds on the beach and he tells Zodd off every time he comes too close. That ends in Zodd going all wild and crazy, running around like some weirdo with his legs sprawling in every direction, having a grand time! I swear he lives to upset other dogs. He gets some sort of kick out of it.

Dogshows, dogshows, dogshows - we went to three this month and Zodd did quite well. You can find the results here ---> Dogshows! Zodd really loves it, especially the part where he can play with his friends. That is his reason for wanting to visit the shows =) A BIG congratulation to Zodd's nephew Ganzi Sundari for all the success in the showring this month! First he was BIS-1 at the Tibetan Breed Specialty Show and then he was SWEDISH Winner 2009!!! Nice going, Ganzi! We are always rooting for you =)

There are alot of actionpics this month. Zodd is a very active boy at the moment and his appetite is HUGE! He is gaining muscles at the same speed he's losing his coat. Yes, the shedding has begun and Zodd will turn into his naked self again... Bye bye beautiful wintercoat and hello short (but shiny) summercoat.