November 2009!

"Same procedure as last year..."
November is full of beauty. All the leaves have fallen and left the trees naked and stretching their tawny fingers towards the shy sun. The cold winds return and the grey skies crawl over the sea. The puddles on the ground reflect the marvelous clouds and the air is chilly. As always I enjoy those things, and to top things off Zodd is growing back his thick, shiny winterfur. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as giving your fluffy TM a cuddle. And then there is one more thing that always comes, every fall, like clockwork... Zodd doesn't want to eat...
He is yearning for a female, all of his own. He wants to have a girlfriend and raise his children together with her. Well, I'm not sure about the parenting part (even though he sure loves puppies) but he wants a hot date, that much I know. And he seems determined not to toutch his food until he gets one!
This year I went in a different direction than last year since he was as scrawny as a scarecrow at the end of his annual "diet". This year I decided to try to get him to eat, no matter what the food was. So now he's on a diet of wonderful treats that would make any dog (or human, for that matter) drool! He eats raw oxheart, beef, eggs, boiled pork and so on... And he refuses that too. Some days he eats, but it's far from the amount he usually eats during summer, but I have to admit, I am happy that he's at least eating a little instead of nothing. This far he has only lost one or two kilos, but I'm sure he will lose more before the winter is over.

This month Zodd and I went for a trip to Denmark together with my sister Nina, my cousin My and our friend Jenny-Ann. We rented a small cabin at a farm and spent two wonderful days there. It was so much fun to watch Zodd and the old farmdog play together. The farmdog was a Stabyhoun called Jens. A very friendly boy who really liked Zodd and gave him the grand tour of his place.
We visited the two-day international dogshow in Herning too. A perfect spot for a dogshow. Zodd did very well! You can read more about it here ---> Dogshows.

We went for a drive one sunday, to meet up with a bunch of new friends in the small village of Håkanryd, 20 minutes drive from home. Zodd didn't quite know who to sniff first when I let him out of the car. There were eight dogs, six of them he had never met before and five of them were males. He was such a good boy in this chaos of paws, tails and fur! We walked into the forest and all the dogs were set free. It was pure joy to watch Zodd in the middle of all these dogs, acting so perfectly. I was mighty proud!
He fell in love with one of the dogs and did everything in his power to get the other boy to notice him, poor Zodd is now so desperate that he will settle for a boy ;)
We also got a visit from Zodd's favorite Dogue De Bordeaux girl on the planet! Noblesse and her mum Frida came and stayed all day. The two dogs had a blast on a hill a short walk from home. Zodd was perhaps a bit too blinded by love to behave like a gentleman and Noblesse, even though she was not in heat, was not entirely dissatisfied with his clumpsy attempts at love. Frida and I got a real workout trying to keep the two lovebirds from acting too naughty. Silly, silly dogs!
Zodd then slept for two days, dreaming of all the chances he missed ;)
And of course, he didn't eat at all after missing out on all that beautiful Bodeaux love either...