June 2009!

Beach Boy Zodd
There are few things Zodd enjoy as much as the beach and the sea combined with dogfriends! Sure, dogfriends at other places than the beach are great too (just look at the photos of Zodd and Bambam the Jack Russell Terrier on the first page of this month), and the beach without dogfriends ROCK (evidence are on pages 6-9 this month) but there is a shimmer of pure and utter joy when Zodd goes to the beach with his pals. This month he got a visit from his dear friend Noblesse the Dogue de Bordeaux. Oh my, they had a WILD time at the beach! Those two are about the same in weight and loves to play with all they have. It's best to stay clear of them when they get into their own world of fun and games. Zodd bites Blessan's tail while she pinch him in the cheeks. And they do it all with big doggy-smiles on their faces.

Zodd has been a VERY cool boy this month and not only because of his total nudeness (and nude he is - he even shed his tail). We've been taking walks among all the tourists visiting our small village and the camping that lies only some hundred meters from our house. He's gotten used to them now and is not one bit interested. He is still attentive but seems to trust me to sound the alert if anything is amiss. I guess it's not worth the energy to get worked up over things that are an everyday thing at the moment. I'm sure he will "be back on duty" when fall comes and the normal state will be empty fields where the hustle and bustle is now.

No dogshows this month. I guess it's time to learn from the past - a naked/smooth Tibetan Mastiff is not something the judges are interested in. It's sad but true. But the fur will soon be back again and we will go to some dogshows in the fall. For now we will enjoy the summer!
Zodd is sleeping almost all day. He gets a long walk in the morning and then a long walk in the evening. This suits him just fine since he's not really a big fan of the heat outside in spite of his very short coat. Of course he tags along if I ask him and he loves going down to the sea no matter the weather. He can always find refreshment in the waves ;)

And then there was Midsummer! Zodd dressed in wreaths that I made for him. He's such a patient boy and lets me have my way. Always a great sport!