February 2009!

Snow, snow, snow and friends!
Finally!!! Zodd finally got to experience his first real snow. It's almost ridiculous that we haven't had this much snow since he moved here almost two years ago, but I have to admit it was well worth the wait. We've only had a thin layer on the ground before, and that melted in a couple of days, but this time the snow was here to stay and we did our best to enjoy every single day! Zodd loved it. He was more than happy to stay outside in the garden all day long just to enjoy the cold weather. We had some sunny and cold days and some gray and rainy ones too, but with a coat like Zodd's he can cope in any weather.
I know I've mentioned this before, but the coat of a Tibetan Mastiff is pure genius! Zodd gets wet, but a shake and a couple of strokes with a towel and he's as good as new again. TMs with longer coats are probably not as easy to dry as Zodd, but he's perfect even if his fur is not as impressive as some other TMs I've seen. I guess you can't have both, but I am happy with the one I have ;)

This month I took one of the best photos I've ever taken of Zodd, at least in my eyes. It's the first one if you scroll down. To me this photo shows the essence of the Tibetan Mastiff. Proud, impressive, alert, strong, confident and beautiful, all wrapped up and spiced with snow. Looks as if he's straight from the Himalayas.

There are quite a few photos of Zodd and his friends this month. Some of Zodd and his dear friend Noblesse the Dogue de Bordeaux and even more of Zodd and his sweet friend Sonja the Siberian Husky. Sonja and Zodd are wonderful friends and in spite of the differance in size they have so much fun when they meet! I have the photos to prove it ;) Zodd is more than happy to lay down so Sonja can have her way with him.

Another big thing happened this month - Zodd went abroad for the very first time! Well, it was the first time since he moved to Sweden from Czech Rebublic and it was very educational and exciting for the both of us! I learned that there's quite alot of paperwork required to travel outside of Sweden. There's deworming and rabiesvaccination and passport. Zodd learned that Denmark is pretty much the same as Sweden with one important difference - you get to play with Ganzi as much as you like when you are in Denmark! We went there with Ganzi and his mum Catarina to visit the international dogshow in Fredericia. You can find more info here ---> Dogshows! We had a great time and you can find some photos from the boys happy hours on pages 10 and 11 this month. They had an ever better time than both me and Catarina, I'm sure! =)