December 2009!

Birthday boy!
So, now Zodd's three years old. Time really does fly. I still see him as my little puppy boy, even though he's a grown TM by now. He's been picky with his food this december, but I decided to give him really tasty food instead of watching him refuse his regular food day after day, so this winter I've been able to keep some weight on him. He's too thin at the moment, but there's more than skin and bones when I pet him. Last year was horrible and I hope I will never have such a skinny dog ever again. He got some chewing bones for his birthday and for christmas and enjoyed them very much, well most of all he enjoyed opening his gifts ;)

We've also had a visit from Zodd's very dear friend Noblesse, the Dogue de Bordeaux, her homepage is here ---> Noblesse. Oh my, Zodd is so much in love with her and she's returning that love! This time he was certain she was in heat and wanted to father her children... She was not in heat, but didn't seem to mind Zodd's flirting one bit. Noblesse can be very strict with other dogs and tell them to back off, but for some reason she's very lenient when it comes to her very own TM. The funny part is that she didn't even like him the first time they met. She thought he was a bother since all he wanted to do was bite her tail (yes, he had simple pleasures back in the day). Now she adores him and he feels the same way about her. They are very sweet together. At least if you overlook the fact that they want babies together ;)

We've also been on a walk with a big gang of dogs (some photos are included this month) and Zodd was Mr. Cool in the chaos that surrounded him. This time Noblesse tagged along so he didn't really see anyone but her. It's always great to watch Zodd in the midst of a pack, acting like the king of all dogs, but in a very gentle manner, avoiding conflicts and going about his own business. I've noticed him walking in between dogs starting a fight a couple of times. He just strolls in there, very discreetly, and then walks away with the result of a stopped fight. It's so subtle that I hardly even noticed the first time, but to the other dogs it's very clear since they behave after such a reprimand, at least for a while.

Zodd also had some private playtime with his other Dogue de Bordeaux friend Bulten (nephew to Noblesse). These two boys adore eachother and have so much fun together! Bulten's owner Veronica and I laugh at their antics every time. It's so joyful to watch them go!

We went to a small event in Hässleholm, called "Julkul" which translates into "Christmasfun". Zodd wore his kekor and made a great impression on the judge. It was not a real dogshow, all was just for fun and free of charge. Simply a great day for owners and dogs =)
Zodd was whimpering and was quite anxious before we entered the ring, but when we were finished he transformed into mister calm... I suppose he was nervous before judging ;)
His written judgement: Finally somebody got it! Very beautiful head, beautiful eyes, wellplaced ears. Strong neck and topline. Good underline. Moves extraordinarily well, with "schwung" and with purpose.
Zodd's friends went home with really funny written judgements! One of his Dogue de Bordeaux friends was well wrinkled and according to the judge Bulten looked like Dolph Lundgren =D
No other dogshows this month. Actually we are cutting back on shows for a while, just enjoying the wonderful white winterland! YES, we've got SNOW! Zodd loves it and spends alot of time in the garden =)