May 2009!

Friends and roadtrips
Zodd got a visit from his friends Hateya the Fila Brasileiro and Anju the Tibetan Mastiff this month and we went to the beach with the dogs and the camera. It was Hateyas first time on the beach and she was a bit hesitant at first but soon she ran into the water and had a wonderful time together with Zodd. They haven't met since she was a small pup but seemed to recognize eachother and had a great time!

Zodd is now as smooth as smooth can be and he loves his new summersuit =) He actually lost all the fur on his tail! Looks a bit silly, I must say. He may look like a pup but is everything but! At the moment he's very determined and is guarding our home and our village with his deep voice, letting everyone know that he rules this small part of the world ;) He is not very active right now because of the warm weather, but when it comes to playing he's got some energy to spend!

One day this month Sonja the Siberian Husky came over to celebrate her birthday. Her human dad brought Zodd cake and he LOVED it =) The next day we were invited to a small birthdayparty for Sonja and we humans had cake in the sun while the two friends Zodd and Sonja ate their doggy-cake in the shade.

And then we went on a trip. I went with Zodd and my parents to the small fishingcity Smögen on the westcoast of Sweden. It was a long trip by car but Zodd behaved like an angel. He was such a good boy all weekend long. We rented a small cabin and spent a few days in the shade of the very dramatic cliffs of that region. Zodd mostly lay on the grass in front of the cabin and kept an eye on the passers by, silent and calm. I was very proud of him. He even made a couple of new friends - a Cairnterrier and a Jack Russell Terrier, both males, but sadly enough I had left my camera in the cabin. He lay on the grass with the two youngsters jumping around on top of him =) They had travelled from Norway and their owners were in awe of Zodd's friendly approach to the two smaller boys.
We also attended a Tibetan Breed specialty show and met alot of friendly people and dogs =) You can read more about it here ---> Dogshows!