October 2009!

Same old, same old
Yes, it's autumn again. The days are growing shorter, the sun slips into the sea earlier, the trees are burning with colors and there's a crisp chill in the air. That's how most people know that the summer is over and the colder season is on its way... Well, I have a different way of knowing... Zodd refuses his food.
I know I've mentioned this before, like last year at about the same time. It's no fun at all.
His reasons?
Well, it's like this - the Tibetan Mastiff ladies around the globe are in heat in october (the majority at least) and somehow he knows. We don't have any TM ladies close to our home, but he still gets all depressed. The funny thing is that he can play with females in heat all summer long and not even care. He still eats his food. But come fall and he finds the smallest puddle of magic pee and it is STOP in his brain. NO MORE FOOD. And, of course, the magic pee doesn't have to spring from a TM. Any female will do. He still gets depressed...
His very good friend Pepsi the Leonberger lives about two kilometers from our home and when he stopped eating I met her owners and asked if she by any chance was in heat. She was, of course. So, for some reason he keeps all his dreams and hopes for autumn and gets really depressed when he strikes out on the girl side... Poor baby. Maybe someday he will get lucky and meet a girl who will let him do a little more than sniff her behind? Who knows ;)

There are alot of colorful photos this month. It's a shame not to use all the wonderful treats nature has to offer! This is by far my favorite time of year, and I can tell Zodd feels the same. Not only are the walks filled with small lovepuddles, there's also a promise in the air that winter is around the corner. Zodd loves being outdoors now. He wants to be in his garden from early morning until late afternoon.
His fur is growing back and he's taking on his role as majestic guardian again. He's no longer the smoothcoated seamonster of the Baltic sea. Well, I would be lying if I said he never goes in the water - he still loves to splash in the shallows during out morningwalks, never mind the fact that his fur grows icecrystals afterwards ;) But he is more serious in his guarding duties, like every fall when the tourists are gone from his beaches and fields.

Zodd went and became BEST IN SHOW this month! That feeling will linger for a very long time, I'm sure! He is also Blekingemästare 2009 (Champion of Blekinge 2009, where Blekinge is the region of Sweden where we live) You can read all about it here ---> Dogshows!
We also went for a ride to the CACIB show of Växjö where we met TM friends from all over Sweden. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet both their old and new TMs. BIG hug to all our friends from a chilly and windy Blekinge =)