July 2009!

I still see Zodd as a giant puppy at times, but every now and then I see the grown up in him. I had the pleasure of doing so this month. Zodd's friend Manson got a new babybrother called Bulten, also a Dogue de Bordeaux, and they came to visit us. I was amazed as I watched my brutal megapup Zodd play his wild games with his ladyfriend Noblesse (Bulten's aunt) and at the same time be 100% aware of where the new friend was. He was sooooo careful not to step on/run into/scare the newcomer in the gang. All this with a smile on his face, as if he was saying "there, there little one. Just you wait a bit and then you will grow into a strong youngster and THEN we can play like me and your auntie, ok?". It was wonderful! Zodd probably turned into some sort of idol in Bulten's eyes since there were nothing but kisses and smiles from both sides =) I'm sure their friendship will grow strong!

Zodd is always thrilled when Noblesse comes to visit. Oh, those two have so much fun together!

No dogshows this month. It's a bit sad since it's always fun to visit shows and photograph other dogs, but we've had a break from all that. We've been swimming alot. Well, I've been swimming and Zodd's been watching from the beach. When he thinks I've been in the water too long he grows tired of splashing around in the shallows and goes to lay down by my bag. "Don't worry, mum. I'll keep an eye on them for you," he says.

Tourists everywhere! Zodd was alert the first few days and then he got used to people showing up everywhere. Nothing strange in them popping out from houses that's been empty for months, nothing weird at all to meet bikes on small paths in the forest or strollers on the fields and the beach. With a sigh and a shrug he stopped guarding his usual territory (the one that he's claimed during our walks this past winter and spring) and have been nothing but calm on our walks. A very good boy!
Soon autumn is here and he will reclaim his territory again and take on his duties as guardian of the forest, fields and the beach.