September 2009!

Champion x 2
Oh yes, this has been a month full of dogshows! And a month full of success as well. First we went to Öland, an island on the eastcoast of Sweden and Zodd got his last CAC and became swedish Champion. Two weeks later we went to Denmark and in two days he was 2 x BOB, 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB and BIG-4. He also became danish Champion and Copenhagen Winner 2009. You can read all about it here ---> Dogshows!
Bulten the Dogue de Bordeaux came on a visit one sunny afternoon, together with his humans. Bulten and Zodd get along so well and they always have a wonderful time together. Zodd is starting to notice that Bulten is getting bigger and bigger and is not as gentle as he was the first couple of times they met. Bulten likes it rough, so the two boys play well even if Bulten is everyting but amused when Zodd grabs his tail and pulls. I'm sure Bulten will get his revenge when he's grown into the strong and muscular boy he already shows promise of becoming.

Nina, Zodd and I went to Hovdala castle at the end of the month to meet Zodd's dreamgirl Måne, her bigbrother Cenge and our friends Ella and Peter. It was a wonderful day, even if the weather wasn't 100% on our side. The clouds covered the sky but at least the rain left us alone. Both Måne and Cenge are gold Tibetan Mastiffs and it was great to meet them again. They are probably the friendliest TMs I've ever met, always wagging their tails and ready for hugs. Cenge have always looked at Zodd with an evil eye since Zodd is head over heels in love with his babysister (and big brothers can be very protective of their siblings), but this time he seemed to understand that Zodd is a reoccuring thing and everything would be alot easier if that bouncy little boy was accepted into the pack. Said and done - Cenge was very tolerant and Zodd was utterly respectful each time Cenge got too close. Well, it's obvious from the photos. It was wonderful to see the two biggest boys in Sweden (yup, Cenge is the biggest TM here and Zodd comes in second place) get along. It was never even a question of who was the boss, Zodd have always had deep respect for his elders and nothing was different this time. The three TMs had a great day together and us humans enjoyed it just as much!